October 13, 2014

Iron Man Vs Captain America In The Summer of 2016!

For a post this big I had to dust off ye old time THIS LA LIFE a place where my nerd obsession runs deep. A place where I one wrote a gigantic poem about my hype for Iron Man 2 set to "The Night Before Christmas." I place I gushed over "The Avengers" and a place where I once proclaimed "Quantum Of Solace" was going to be at "Dark Knight Levels," - yikes. But anyway in case you haven't heard Iron Man will be in Captain America 3 and the word on the street is that this going to be the start of the "Civil War" storyline which will see Captain America fighting against Iron Man!

In case you didn't know "Civil War" was a big storyline in the comics back in 2006 which saw the two Avengers battle it out over civil liberties. I'll spare you the deep nerd shit but basically Iron Man was on the side of the Government who wanted all super-heroes to reveal their secret identities. Captain America though this was a violation of individual liberty and said that was bogus. So the two Avengers battled it out, with lots of other super-heroes at their sides. Them opposing each other will be the crux of Captain America 3! Am I more excited about this than I am for Avengers 2? Hmmm, that's a tough one, but it just may be the case.

It's worth noting that this bash n brawl flick comes out in 2016 - the same year Superman fights Batman on screen in Warner Brothers - "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" which sounded cool but then you realize that Iron Man and Captain America is way cooler. DC must be kind of bummed. Tell you who isn't bummed - me.