May 19, 2013

TPG's Game Time - Season 3 - Episode 8 - Second Sons (Game of Thrones Recap)

Of all the episodes this season this one felt the most like a set-up episode. I mean at this time last year we were heading into the battle of Blackwater bay, and here...well I'm not sure where we are heading. But I feel like it can't be any place good because all of the characters seem to be in bad situations, except Khaleesi, but more on her later.

Direwolf Badassery - One day the Direwolves will return to Thrones, until then I'm stuck with nice ocean vistas

Joffrey Swag - Swag on Westeros Swag. Swag for days. Where to begin? Every line he had tonight (outside of that creepy line having his guard hold Sansa down) was so hilarious. Dude is just so massively evil. He's like the spoiled rich kid crossed with the smart aleck nerd crossed with the high school bully.

1. I hope The Hound doesn't die a terrible death. He really hasn't ever done anything wrong and seems to be a relatively good guy. I mean he's cruising around with his kid sidekick offering her bread, I thought I was watching A Perfect World, medieval edition.That being said if we don't get to see him battle his brother, I will be disappointed. Horse-Head cutters must answer for their crimes.

2. Interesting that Stannis said he believes that people don't choose their own destiny. This is a different point of view that other characters. Consider Khaleesi who very much is forging her own path or Robb Stark who believes his destiny is just to kick it in Winterfell.

3. Stannis says "What's one bastard boy against a Kingdom?" If that bastard happens to be Jon Snow then we're talking about a major player and I got some serious gold weight that Jon has a big part to play in the Kingdom.

4. When thinking about the Margaery-Cersei interaction, I see it two ways. The first is that Margaery is in way over her head and Cersei is a world classing scheming woman who'll destroy the young girl. And the second is that Cersei is a dated stupid hag who's messing around with the young gun and is gonna get burned. My prediction is on the second.

5. In some ways Tryion's actions tonight were some of the most selfless character actions we've ever seen on Game of Thrones. Sure he was drunk for the bulk of it, but it's clear that he probably more than any other character is GOOD guy.

6. Damn it's nice to go an episode without having to see some terrible Theon Grejoy torture scene.

7. Mind Bone With A Side of Leeches - So now we know what Stannis saw in the flames at the end of last season. A battle in the snow. Got Dayuuum, I almost fainted. Now it's time to figure out who'll he'll be fighting with. Only fire can beat Snow...get your dragon game up.

8. So Khaleesi has a new squeeze with this Dario character. With his "I do want I want" attitude he is about as emo as they come, but chopping off his pal's domes was a pretty nice move. Also dude barely flinched when the world class babe and mother of dragons just walked up to him naked. Still need to see him fight to know if he's a total badass.

9. Ahhh, so Sam got his big moment. With all those ravens by the Godswood I thought that Benjen Stark was going to show up, but then I saw that Blue Eyed Demon flowing hair and I knew Sam was going to bite it or Ghost was going to save him. But how awesomely surprising was it that he was the first one to shatter a White Walker. Looks like that blade he found while making a snow fort is mighty powerful, now please, give it Jon Snow so he can really put it to work.

10. Tyrion has all the best lines - "I am the god of Tits & Wine"

No Thrones next week. We got a Sunday off for Memorial Day. See you in two weeks.

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