May 12, 2013

TPG's Game Time - Season 3 - Episode 7 - The Bear & The Maiden Fair (Game of Thrones Recap)

When did Thrones get so romantic? Dayuum, I thought I was watching some medieval version of "The Notebook," I mean did anybody get diced up in that episode or was it all talk of romance. Alright, my heart isn't that cold, so let's leap into the bear pit and get into this episode.

Direwolf Badassery - It's been a long time since we saw a direwolf, let alone saw a direwolf hurt somebody. One can dream.

Joffrey Swag - He got one good line about having to walk his lazy ass up those tower stairs, but as much as I love everyone's favorite demented boy King, I might have to rename this Tywin Swag cause that dude makes going up four steps look badass!

1. If you didn't catch it, tonight's episode was written by George R. Martin himself which is cool because he's adapting the screenplay from the books he wrote. Since he knows what's coming in the books and the show, we have to read deeply into everything that was said.  That means lots of mind-melts, hope you like em with a side of garlic seasoned sweet potato fries.

Bonus Update Post - It was also directed by Michelle MacLaren who's directed many of episodes of that other show....Breaking Bad. Big thanks to Sir Megamix of House Tiesto for the observation

2. The "when it suits them" speech that Warg drops on Jon Snow was incredible for two reasons. The first is just that he's is rapidly becoming a very interesting character. The second is that with his badass swordsmen skills, romantic tendencies, and general good spirit, Jon Snow is a very traditional hero so whether it's intended, I think many people view him as the one of the central protagonists of the show. So the Warg gives him that speech, he is really describing not just the Wildlings but EVERYONE on the entire world of Thrones. Great writing.

3. I do not want to offend any of my female readers, but I was VERY distracted by Oona Chaplin's ass.

4. This was a very romance heavy episode of Thrones and we got to see all different kinds of love. The Ygritte-Jon Snow is kind of the super intense I'll follow you to the end of the earth love. The love that Warg has for Ygrite is more of  a "I can provide for you love." The love that Margaery tells Sansa about is more of that "it's not that bad, just deal it and you'll be rich/powerful love." The love that Jaime has for She Man is more of the "true love can take the blackest of hearts and make it right again." What do you prefer?

5. Margaery reminds me of a certain type of sorority girl that roams college campuses. Very pretty, great lineage, immensely smart, and wildly wildly cunning. I don't know what she is scheming on with Sansa but I don't think it's all rose garden friendships and girl talk.

Joke Time: Is there a McDonalds at King's Landing because every single room seems to have perfectly golden light arches. Get it GOLDEN ARCHES. Zing!!!

6. MIND MELT COMING AT YAA -  The Wargs says that soon we'll see what "Jon Snow Really Is," which on the surface means he's a Crow, but as I said in point #1 you gotta look deeper here. I think Jon Snow is wayyy more important that he appears. Kind of like he is The Game of Thrones Luke Skywalker. His part to play in this story is much bigger than what's happening at the wall. I can feel it.

7. I dig that Khaleesi is like this marauding civil right's activist, and sheeeiiiit, those dragons are incredibly awesome, but to me her plot is all glitz and glam and no substance. Like I'm tired of seeing her marching around. Another city, cool, great, I'm sure you'll destroy this place. Show me the sacking of King's Landing and you taking the Throne, not some random city I don't care about.

8. Loved that shots of the ships in Blackwater Bay, but I really flipped that scene where Melisandre tells Gendry that's basically the true heir to the Kingdom. However, I again wonder if Gendry is doomed to be sacrificed to the Red God or potentially be given some type of Red God upgrade to become a super warrior for Stannis. I'd prefer the second.

9. Just when you think Thrones is past it's ridiculousness sex scenes of seasons past, we get a good ol' fashioned Theon Greyjoy romp...of course this is season 3 so the sex comes torture as soon as the mystery man appears and torments him again. After last season I never thought I could feel bad for Theon but he's had it bad this time around. Who are these people? My new theory is there some how connected to his spiny first mate from last season, you remember him (featured on the left), he knocked Theon out at Winterfell. Was always a shifty character.

10. Ahh Jaime Lannister saves She Man in act of selfless courage, I get it, it's super romantic but HOW THE HELL ARE YOU GOING TO DEPRIVE US OF A BADASS FIGHT WITH KINGSLAYER AND A BEAR. Really would have loved to see that. Of course the question is if She Man and are Jaime are going to stick together, sadly I think not, once Jaime is back with his family, he'll probably be on his way. That's just his style, of course he'll still have the memories, so hopefully he'll whip Cersei into shape.

That's all until next week....Hodor.