June 13, 2012

The Mind Melts You Should Be Asking About Prometheus


Lotta people are asking me about my "Prometheus" review and saying they're surprised that I was disappointed cause they consider me someone who likes heady space alien awesome shit. Well folks, I'm still disappointed, but a recent online discussion has allowed me to gain a much larger appreciation of the film. In particular one live journal post from a fan in London really the blew the lid of the heady ruminating on the film. Slash film got into it as well. The whole thing seems very engineered to be exactly like the crazy theorizing that surrounded Lost season 4/5. Not a coincidence, since Damon Lindelof wrote both. So in the spirit of "Lost" theorizing, let me drop some old school 2009 ish "heyyy brotha Daniel Faraday" mind bones on you about the film.


1. What did David say to the Engineer after waking him up?
Lindelof has said it was originally subtitled and we'll learn what he said on the dvd, but until that drops we're left to speculate. Over the course of the film, David learns more and more about humanity. He learns about faith and toughness of Shaw, the corruptibility of Holloway, and the lust for power that Vickers has. I was struck by the scene of him washing geezer Guy Pierce because it seemed like he knew that this was going to be it for the old man. I think what he said to the engineer was like "this old man doesn't deserve your awesome power, kill this sucka right here."

Of course that raises the question if David knew he was about to get his head ripped off. Of course he did.  He knew that like the other famous feet washers in history (aka Jesus), he would ultimately be resurrected and ascend to heaven. In the end, where's David going...blasting off through the heavens to meet his a higher power.

2. Where did "The Alien" Really Come From?
When they first go into the the chamber with the jars of black ooze, there is clearly a xenomorph (that's the nerd name for the traditional alien) on the wall of the chamber. This means that Engineers know about them and the alien wasn't just the spawn of the gigantic vagina octupus thing at the end. Rather, they're the evil incarnate killing machine that lurks inside every engineer. I like they're like a a defensive mechanism, so when engineers are KILLED, their nasty little true self pops out. When the tentacle monster kills the engineer, a xenomorph...not THE xenomorph is a result.

3. How Big of A Reboot Is This For the Alien Franchise?
"Prometheus" co-writer Damon Lindelof is a world creator. He's responsible for the super deep mythology of "Lost" and the rich world of the new "Star Trek" movies. There is no way Fox and Ridley Scott hired him to touch up the script. No, they hired him to create a massive new sci-fi world for future films. This world includes the engineers, their creators, whatever creepy space creatures the engineers were making, the Weyland-Yutani company, and let's not forget the Predators. With The Avengers proving that audiences eat up crossover storytelling, there is no way Fox has not already blueprinted for the predators and more to fit into this mythology.

4. Why was The Engineers SpaceShip in The Opening Different Than Ones On The Planet?
No doubt the opening of the film was some super far out meaning of the universe Tree of Life shit. As for the ship featured in the opening, I think this was the first glimpse of the engineer's creators. This hints at the cyclical nature of life in the film. The engineer's creators made the engineers so they could seed life through sacrifice, the engineers created us in their image, we created robots in our image, their sacrifice being they have no souls. Now based of David's actions he has evolved beyond humans (he clearly sees us a less than him). What comes after David? Like "Prometheus" the film I don't have all the answers....but my head hurts.

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