May 21, 2012

TPG's Game Time: Episode 8 - "The Prince of Winterfell

All across the land last night as the credits rolled on another great "Game of Thrones" episode, everyone wondered one thing---when the hell is Theon Greyjoy going to get his? But moving beyond fake Iron Man Theon, I found last night's episode to be one of my favorite of the season. Yeah yeah, I know it felt like a set-up episode for next week's much hyped "Blackwater" battle, but still there was a lot to like here.

Direwolf Badassery: .01? I'm pretty sure the direwolves were hanging out with Bran and Rickon Stark in the basement of Winterfell, and while I prefer my direwolves to be killing and maiming, the dude who likes dogs in me understands sometimes you just gotta snuggle up.

Joffrey Swag: 5 Points. With imminent invasion, his city of the brink of civil war, and no combat experience he's roaming the walls talking about going on the offensive. Not to mention his line about giving his enemies a "red smile" with he was flashing a demonic Lannister rojo smile of his own.

1. It's looking more and more likely that Theon is going to bite the bust soon. But I think it's more than likely he'll get a death trying to help the Starks after a change of conscience. First you had his sister soften up with her story about Baby Theon (no word if he was womanizing as a baby), then Dagmer scoffs at his nice notion to send gold to the farmer, and finally he looks up at the charred corpses, wants to take them down, and can practically see "WTF" coming out his mouth. He's done...but he may have some good left in him.

2. I'm just going to come out and say it, Jon Snow, the blue eyed demon killing badass is not doing it for me this season. He simply hasn't fought enough wildlings and has spent the bulk of the season moping around. I don't care if you and Ygritte got something going on, leave the romance to Robb Stark, you Jon Snow, you go back to slicing and dicing bad guys with that valerian steel!

3. Lady Stark says Jaime Lannister escaped, but that's a half truth! He's stuck on a romantic canoe trip with She-Man and I wonder if there is a play here beyond a simple prisoner exchange. Also...canoeing is legit.

4. Siq Jaqen H'ghar is the medieval version of Bodhi from "Point Break" (Which is the shit.) He worships some heady "Red God," has long blond hair, is dangerous, and extremely enigmatic. 

5. MIND BONE WITH AGED CHEDDAR -Ned Stark may be buried, but he was all over this episode. First we had his name get mentioned with Jon Snow up in the north as something with value, then we had Robb reflect on what a great man while on his stroll, and finally he was brought up in King's Landing about someone who didn't know the game. It's clear that Ned's values of mercy, family, and liberty (shared by Talisa btw) still ring true for the "good" characters on the show. And I loved how the episode closed out this message with wonderful shot that showed that the values of the Starks live on because  because there are Starks in Winterfell.

6. Holy shit was it good to have Stannis back. I've really latched onto him as a character because he's so driven. That story he told about holding the city was crazy and a reminder just how intense he is.

7. I don't consider myself a fashion aware dude, I'm not up on Pineterest, but I gotta call it when I see it: Khalesi is wearing some really funky outfits in Qarth. Not sure where her wardrobe is coming from if she has no money, no dragons, and no allies except Sir Jorah.

8. With all this business with Tyrion's favorite whore and Cersei threatening her, please forgive me here folks, but is this a "Game of Thrones" or a "Game of Hos?" Zing!!!

9. Last week we got to see a sympathetic part of Cersei as she lamented why Joffrey was so evil and what her life had become....well good to see that was just a phase cause this week we got her threatening people (see above if you missed my genius joke), insult her brother's manhood, and just being a ice cold beyaaatch.

10. Next week is the big ass battle episode. Titled "Blackwater" here are some things to get you pumped up for it (besides the picture on the right)

  • The episode is written by George R.R. Martin, who's the writer of the books and last year's head chopping episode "The Pointy End."
  • It's directed by Neil Marshall, who specializes in well directed hyper gory awesome action movies. See the genre pic Centurion for reference.
  • The season 2 budget for the show was raised specifically for this episode.
  • Apparently it's not as epic as people want it to be (maybe I should read the books?)

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