May 14, 2012

TPG's Game Time Episode 7 - A Man Without Honor

Man, I gotta wash my hands, because that was just a dirty vile hour of television. From the bizarre horror movie music at the end, to uh, the last image of the charred corpses of children the whole thing was just super grim. That being said, I'm sure there is a light at the end of the tunnel, it's not like this show is all dark themes of incest, death, treason, and family members killing each other...wait...whattt? Let's get into it.

Direwolf Badassery: 0 (I really thought I was going to see them step it up)

Joffrey Swag - .2 (Even when he's not around they're speaking his name)

1. Jaime Lannister! It's been too long since he appeared in an episode and simply put this dude is an absolute beast. There are a multitude of reasons why he simply dominated this episode, so let's start with the first. His speech to his second cousin/nephew/fat person related family mate Alton was a metaphor for how people age in this harsh world of the show. The story about how his time as a squire, his first kill, and how they fear him now, was fitting because it shows how fast people age on the show. Just last season Robb Stark was just a teenager, Jon Snow was in training, and Ned Stark was alive. If you need more evidence that this episode was about how people change, look no further than the only real youth not on the battlefield on the show...Sansa Stark and as we saw...she's turning into an adult. That's a scary thing because if you're not prepared for the real world of adulthood, you're probably going to get burned by...or in this case...beaten to death by your idol. Rough brah.

2. In the grand world of "Titanic: You Both Can Fit on That Board" logic, why doesn't Bran and Rickon just hop on the Direwolfs and Osha hop on Hodor? Would conserve food and energy.

3. Seeing Theon wake up, briefly look around for Osha, realize he was in deep shit, made my wonder what a medieval version of "The Hangover" would look like. Jamie would be the ringleader, Jon Snow the 25 year old hyper religious virgin, Theon the tool that everyone hates, and Hodor would be just be Hodor.

4. Couple words about Theon. The look on his face when those child charred corpses appeared seemed to indicate he was disgusted with himself and shocked how far he game. Right now I'm 95% hoping for a brutal awful death and 5% hoping for Boromir situation where he redeems himself but still dies.

5. Jaime is such a great character cause he's a deconstruction of the classic Prince Charming archetype in fantasy. He looks like Prince Charming (see left), he "saved" the Kingdom, he's name is revered across the land, he's an expert fighter, and he's royalty. we see, he bangs his sister, kills innocent people, and has been captured. There is no "Prince Charming" and if there was, he'd probably be up to something awful...just like ol' kingslayer.

6. Funny seeing Tywin get all deep looking out over the hanging corpses and ruins of Harrenhal. Also...Tywin def knows that Arya is a Stark...he's just keeping her close.

7. Jon Snow is a man that's never belonged. He wasn't a they sent him to the wall...he tried to flee the wall to be with his family...they made him a Steward...he wanted to become a ranger...he's falling for Ygritte the maybe he'll become one.

8. Damn those Warlocks really broke up The New Day Co-Op / Council of Nine real fast huh. there only one Warlock...and his name is Pyat Pree. Shit is confusing but totally awesome. Cannot wait to see what is going on at The House of The Undying. I hope whatever is in there is something Khalesi can handle emotionally because she's more emo than Sawlly Draper these days.

9. "The more people you love...the weaker you are," says Cersei on Mother's Day. Dayuuumm. Is she the most ice cold character on the show? Also...where the hell is Stannis?  Double also... are Hodor and Sam related

10. I don't think that is Rickon and Bran hanging at the end. It's the kid's from the farm. Notice that Bran said they would be tortured if they went there. Bran can see the future. Hopefully this means he'll turn into a wolf.

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