May 4, 2012

The Avengers Is Simply The Best

Oh.My.God. "The Avengers" is so gottt dayuuuummmmm awesome I can barely contain myself. Longtime readers will know that your boy TPG lives and dies by OSMs aka "Oh Shit Moments," so it brings me great satisfaction and joy to proclaim that the movie has more OSMs than every previous super hero every made combined. For those of you who are super hero movie literate it's basically like someone took the combined power of the below sequences, shot them full of gamma rays, and made a movie out of it:

Wolverine Defends The Mansion in X2
Train Battle in Spiderman 2
Iron Man 1 Afghanistan Scene
Iron Man 2 Suitcase Suit Brawl
Thor Mjonir Fight Scene
Captain America Grenade Scene

You'll notice that last scene I included wasn't an action scene. "The Avengers" has plenty of action, shit, I mean that last act where they fight monsters in New York is easily one of the BEST action sequences of ALL TIME. Yes, I'm not exaggerating, it really is that fresh. But, the movie wouldn't be incredible if it was just all action all the time, the fact of the matter is the movie is hilarious. Screenwriter Joss Whedon knows how to structure his jokes into the narrative and they almost always work. In addition he gives each character great material that fits their personas. Captain America is noble and true, Tony Stark is jackass, Thor has humbled swagger, etc. Simply put it just all works.

So with action off the chain, hilarious dialogue, great characters, and more oh shit moments that you can possibly imagine, does anything in the movie not click 100%? Sure, there is some moderate pacing issues and some of the more minute details of the plot are a little confusing, but those are small things, this is entertainment of the highest order. Yesterday I put the Avengers on the bottom of my summer movie anticipation rankings, but now after seeing it ( I will def be seeing it again in theaters) I feel really embarrassed that I put it there.

"Avengers" is easily the best super-hero movie ever made. Yeah, I know all you Nolanites will lose your shit and say "The Dark Knight" is, but beyond that movie and it's coming sequel's brooding intensity, it's still a super-hero movie with guys in costumes, evil villains and their henchmen, and lots of larger than life technology. Where Nolan's "Batman" hides it's super hero roots around gritty "realism" and dark themes, "Avengers" wears it's comic book heritage on it's sleeve like  S.H.I.E.L.D logo. It's refreshing and incredible.

After four years of anticipation and hype, I never thought "Avengers" movie could be this awesome. I know I hype up a lot of shit on this site folks, but seriously, this one, damn, this one is 100% legit.

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  1. I thought the NYC fight scene was a little too long, especially when second batch of giant toothy monsters appeared. But the scene when Ironman intercepted the nuclear bomb was excellent.