March 14, 2012

24 Movie Delayed Again...The Great Beeping Clock of Life Goes On


It is with great timely sadness that I inform you all that the 24 Movie has been delayed yet again. According to Deadline Hollywood, FOX doesn't know if it will have enough time to do the movie and shoot the second season of Kiefer Sutherland's new show "Touch," which as I pointed out does not have Bauer biting off terrorist's heads, but rather him doing math or helping his kid do math. But for all you Bauer junkies out there, the deadline article also reports that the film was to be the start of a trilogy of films and it is not "dead" just delayed. From being rumored to being a Die Hard crossover/teamup to script re-writes the project has been through a lot. Then again, so has Jack, and he's still going. I'm confident the movie will come out one day, I just hope Jack hasn't gone too emo yet.

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