February 1, 2012

What is Going On In The First Official Photo From The New Bond Flick?

Today this new picture from the next James Bond movie, titled "Skyfall" hit the interwebs. Dropping on November 9th, the new film boasts a pretty strong cast including Javier Bardem as the villain, Ralph Fiennes as a potential mentor, a young Q making his first appearance in the D. Craig series, a of course a full roster of babe-age. Of course you wouldn't pick up on those things from this picture. So let's check out what is really going on here.

  1. Bond is holding a Walter PPK handgun, which is I guess is his trademark, but feels very old fashioned considering the firepower Craig has worked with in previous films.
  2. The picture clearly has an Asian setting, which means that this is definitely a sequel to "Tomorrow Never Dies," which is the shit in case you were wondering.
  3. I wanna say, the fact that he's got a beard means Bond will be more emo this time around, but the fact is, Daniel Craig's Bond has always been extremely emo, so maybe the beard means he's taking it further into the emo realms of nevermore. Death Cab is doing the theme brahh.
  4. That red thing in the background is clearly a reference to HAL from 2001. Can only mean that Bond is fighting the machines, computers, aliens, apes, the past, star child, and the monolith in this film.
  5. Or Bond will be traveling the globe fighting bar graphs.
  6. Considering Craig's comments on the series, Bond will only be wearing black leather the whole flick. It's gonna get weird.
  7. The fact that Bond is looking left indicates that he is looking into the past for inspiration. Hopefully he's looking to "Casino Royale" and not "Quantum of Solace."
  8. I get a methodical stealth Bond vibe from this, so maybe the film will be a little more low key than "Quantum of Solace"'s formula of action scene over script.
  9. Others have pointed this out, but Bond is looking like a replicant here
  10. Looks dope.

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