January 23, 2012

New Details on the 24 Movie Emerge

It's well known to all the readers out there, that I'm a big 24 fan. So big in fact that i'm convinced that the very intriguing looking "Touch" premiering this Wednesday is actually an undercover season 9 of 24, I'm hoping halfway through there is going to be some type of time jump caused by Desmond from Lost (he was on 24, don't you see it's all making sense) and we'll back in the 24 dimension. I've been told this type of thing happens all the time on "Fringe" so, yeah it will probably work.

I might not need the time jump though as new details have emerged on the 24 feature film from Kiefer via an interview he did with website Collider. Here is what he said.

  • The movie takes place six months after the last episode of the season which saw Bauer going off the grid or in spy terms "going dark"
  • It will follow up on the events on the series.
  • Filming is set to begin in April/May
  • The film will be not be 24 hours long, rather it will be a 2 hour representation of a 24 hour day. 
While I was really pulling for a 24 hour epic feature film, I can I settle for this. Can't wait to see Bauer again.

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