January 13, 2012

2012 Survival Guide: Friday the 13th Edition (January 13th 2012)

Welcome to 2012 Survival Guide Issue #1

Don't believe the world is going to end in December? Consider that this is the first year since 1984 that has three Friday the 13ths. Should I mention that each of these Friday the 13ths are 13 weeks apart and that 13 is an unlucky number related to Pagan Demon rituals...whoahhh, let's get into some shit huh. But, if you're still caught up that 13 shit check out more here

(Photo courtesy of Wired)
Article: Creating Holes in Space-Time To Make Events Disappear is Now Real Life (WIRED)

Wired's excellent DANGER ROOM blog is a must read. It's so awesome that Homeland Security monitors it as part of their new initiative to keep track on how much time you log on the interwebs. So of course this awesome blog would explain how the government is investigating wormholes for military use. Granted it's on a small scale but jesus is this wild or what? Also keep in mind...this is just the shit they're telling us!

Watch: Dog Finds Ball in Pile of Leaves

I'm including this video for a couple of reasons. The first is when the world comes crashing down you're going to need your human companions and than something else. Personally I'm hoping my animal end of the world sidekick is a tiger or w wolf or a wolger, but I could be convinced to settle for a dog. The second is that this video makes me happy and that shit is gonna be in short supply when you're huddling in a cave drinking black coffee that a grizzled and well bearded Mesch and DJ Steve are brewing up. You'll pat your dog on the end, drink your cup of coffee, eat a biscuit (they always eat biscuits) and head back out into the streets in the war against the G-Bots.
Photo: Alter Egos: Portraits of Gamers and Their Avatars
Subscriber (hahahah) Karl J. Winslow sent me this profound photo series of gamers in real life in and in their virtual worlds of choice. Check out the link for the full gallery.

Mind Bone: Teamwork! Timing!

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