November 18, 2011

A Couple Things About The Expendables 2 Poster

  1. There is some crazy hair going on in this poster. We have Stallone's artfully trimmed mustacheaotee, Arnold's blow out hair cut, Bruce's bald done, Chuck Norris's beard, and Lundgren's flowing golden trestles.
  2. Are they standing in front of a Volcano? What can this tell us about the plot
  3. The last movie called EX2 was "X2: X Men United" and that movie was the shit, this bodes very well for The Expendables 2
  4. Jet Li's name is listed on the partner but he is absent from the volcano action? What is fame?
  5. Also worth mentioning is that the "young" expendable Liam Hemsworth is nowhere to be seen.
  6. This movie is going to be just as "good" as the first one.
  7. I'm getting a serious Putin vibe from Van Damme up there on the top right
  8. Will Terry Crews be able to top his legendary "Remember this shit at Christmas" line from the first film. That is a question that keeps me up at night.
  9. Nice that we have advanced so far in gender politics that there can be a woman on the poster. Change is real.
  10. Seriously, I cannot wait for this movie. I'm definitely there opening night.

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