October 3, 2011

TPG's Chemistry Class: Episode 12 "End Times"

Who's dying? Seriously that's what everybody is thinking about right now. We have a finale coming up next week and that's on minds of all the Breaking Bad junkies out there. Cause, let's face it, that's what we are, we're hooked on tha "Breaking Bad" blue magic best TV show, takes over ya brain madness that is this show.

1. I find it interesting that in the opening scene Walt tells Skyler that she "doesn't know these people" which is ironic because she's in business and married to one of them. It also made reflect that for all his posturing about family, "Walt" is just as much one of them as Jesse. He's the danger, don't forget it.

2. One thing I really enjoy about the show is how realistically it deals with death. When people die, either their bodies get disposed of chemically, Mike the cleaner gets rid of them, or a police investigation is started. So I was surprised when Ted died last week and there was zero mention of it this week. Granted it probably had something to do with Saul getting ready to skip town, but I just thought there would be more.

3. Back in episode 9, some dude got his head exploded out of the blue and I was just waiting for it to happen again to some of the DEA agents/Walter's family. I was literally on edge the entire episode. Wild!

4. This episode was directed by series mastermind/chemist Vince Gilligan. Some of the shots including the the pan down from the laundry to the lab were just badass.

5. I really like Steve Gomez but his enhanced screen time this week makes me think he be singing russian karaoke videos next season if you know what I mean.

6. The metaphor of the chaos/violence of their actions totally permeating everyone's lives was on clear display with the guns on the table. First is the the .38 snub that Walter hung out by the pool, then it was the Modern Warfare 2 assault rifle pointed at the camera, and finally Jesse pushed that gun into Walt's forehead so much it left a mark. The violence that they created is just waiting to break in!

7. Let's talk about Gus baby. I don't think he poisoned Brock, it seems too evil/cunning even by his standards, but you never know. So if he didn't do it, then who did? Walt? Naw, he's evil but not that devilish. My money is on nobody, Jesse is just jumping to conclusions (see point 10). But from a writing perspective, somebody had to do it, because there is no way the Breaking Bad writers are sloppy enough to introduce some crazy plot out of the blue like this as the end approaches.

8. Also his crazy chicken sense not to get into that car confirms that he has some serious shady military dictatorship experience. When are we gonna learn this? When is his backstory really coming, not the "Gus Fring: Poolside diaries shit we got earlier."

9. Walter seemed to get his mojo back when he was explaining just how Gus could have manipulated Jesse to try to kill him. It was if, paranoia, power plays, and pistol marks on his forehead are boosters to his maniacal side.

10. You know Jesse's run of Mexican vacations and popcorn & video-games had to end some time. Still it's jarring to see him jump on the crazy conclusion train, I mean that's something that Walt has been conducting since Season 1.

11. Acting is incredible but you already knew that, so check this out. (Not sure what Skyler is doing there).

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