October 26, 2011

Spherical Flying Robots = Our Future Overlords

You seeing this shit? I mean c'mon son! I was tipped off to this via Scientific American and watching it, I got an immediate sense that I've seen this hovering sphere before. So before these things take over the planet, let's take a trip down memory lane and see some of the places this thing pops up.

Star Wars - This thing is totally either Luke's Jedi training device or some type of Viper Probe Droid. Now before you go calling me a Star Wars nerd like I'm JP or something, I found all this intel on wookiepedia.

343 Guilty Spark - Straight out of Halo 1, this little guy was a hovering orb computer who eventually sells out the humans because what he really wants is global annihilation via the ancient Halo Ring (I didn't need Halo Wiki to know that).

Wheatley - This guy is just like the 343 Guilty Spark except he's a little more snarky and British. A major character in Portal 2, he's beloved by hipsters and video game nerds alike.

Your Nightmares - Whoah, that's not a movie TPG! That's right, but if you check out the article above this thing is wild. It achieve speeds of 30mph and can hover in place. In addition to it's airborne capabilities it can also roll of the floor. Simply put it's hard to hide from.

Your Nightmares....pt 2 - Imagine how this thing is gonna work when it's got a whole gang of robots working with it. Last year this video of robots autonomously building structures gave us a glimpse of what is to come and now that we have an orb army, everything is falling into place.

Where the hell is Neo?

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