October 13, 2011

10 Ways The ACT OF VALOR Trailer Emulates Call of Duty

Since we never got to see the helmet cam footage of the Bin Laden raid or other special forces missions, we now are applying fictional narratives like one featured in the trailer for "Act of Valor" to as a way to understand our most elite special forces teams. By using "real" navy seal soldiers, the whole trailer has a "reality TV" vibe to it, meaning we are watching real soldiers "act" throughscenarios inspired by real life. It's kind of like "Jersey Shore," but with guns and killing. Besides the Michael Bay aesthetic to the whole thing, the entire trailer is clearly inspired by the popular video game series Call of Duty. Here are 10 examples that as a fan of the video game franchise and Navy Seals in general picked up on. All links take you gameplayer segments from the franchise.
  1. It only takes 45 seconds before we get our first person view of a SEAL rising out of the water. This entire sequence is straight out of Call of Duty Black Ops.
  2. Then right after that we get a first person sniper rifle shot, the bread and butter of shooter games, so popular it even is a sub-genre and a least one dedicated mission in Call of Duty game.
  3. Around the 56 mark we get our first taste of the night vision helmet cam action complete with the weapon in the middle of the screen. Another hallmark of the Call of Duty games.
  4. At the 1:22 mark we have our first drone footage of the troop team in action, which is copied out of the Blackbird mission from the most recent Call of Duty game
  5. We also are treated to our first indication of the plot, a line: "this thing is way bigger than we thought it was." Plots in video games are also intricate conspiracies, this film looks no different. See this Modern Warfare 3 trailer as an example.
  6. Around the 1:30 mark we get the underwater submarine action, another essential piece of any Call of Duty game.
  7. 1:40 Mark we get our truck chase.
  8. 1:44 Finally a video game like explosion and it's spectacular.
  9. All video games have villains or bosses that must be taken down at the 1:49 mark we get our man, a crazy Arab looking dude with his hand on a detonator.
  10. Finally at the 1:58 mark we get another shooting segment, this one involving a river boat with a mini gun, just like this mission
The website for the film is full of Call of Duty imagery including silhouettes of soldiers with guns and a familiar green type face on the bottom.


  1. Sooo True~!
    -thought in the Cod MW3, in the river rage mission no one used a mini gun except for the helicopter(i think)
    -the player has a mounted M60

  2. The fact that you immediately compared Act of Valor to Call of Duty completely invalidates your argument. Also, "chase" is not spelled "chace."

    Please exit the internet.