October 11, 2011

10 Things About The Avengers Trailer

  1. Who is going to get the final take down. I'm not seeing this thing completely be an ensemble, one hero is going to have to lay the final punch down on the villain. My money is on Iron Man since his franchise sacrificed the most to make "The Avengers" film a reality
  2. Successive explosions rank up in there with sword throwing as cool shit you can put on screen.
  3. There can only be one blonde Avenger, (This explains why Thor and Captain America are fighting)
  4.  While I'm excited to see The Hulk on screen every time I see Mark Ruffalo on screen I think about that chill brah dude from "The Kids Are All Right."
  5. Someone at Marvel knows that Samuel L. Jackson had to face his cinematic destiny and start firing bazookas all over the place
  6. Where are the aliens? (See the assorted nerd ramblings for more info on this)
  7. Based off Thor laughing at Iron Man in this trailer, can we assume that Thor didn't learn anything about humility in his first on screen outing. I actually hope that he didn't because seeing the two of them tear up Vegas in a super night of partying would be epic.
  8. Hawkeye could steal the show, I'm calling it now.
  9. It's still cool as hell seeing Iron Man flying around, doesn't really get old.
  10. Now that this trailer has dropped, the ball is in "The Dark Knight Rises"court to score some buzz.

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