September 13, 2011

TPG's Chemistry Class: Episode 9 "Bug"

Well, we now they would end up beating each other up sooner or later right? 

1. "Breaking Bad" as I've mentioned in previous posts is seemingly inspired by "The Godfather" and regardless of what Vince Gilligan says, it seems to be me he is very inspired by Brian DePalma's gangster masterpiece "Scarface." Just last week we had Tony Montana's brother Steven Bauer pop up in an episode and now Jesse, Gus, and Mike are headed to Mexico for a summit with the cartel. Same thing happened in "Scarface" and some threats were made and people were hung from helicopters.

2. This is one demanding show. Not only was the the beat down at the end hard to watch, but it requires you to pay attention to everything. For example, all that business with Skyler and the funny accounting from previous seasons with Ted Beneke. Some people I trust regarding the show thing that Ted has already been approached by the D.E.A. is on a sting to bust up Heisenberg. I'm not sure I'm on that train yet.

3. I didn't care for the slutted out Skyler, her character is consistently my least favorite thing about the show. Speaking of characters, I'd love to see Walter Jr. get move involved in the plot this season.

4. Seeing Gus run into those bullets was straight bananas. Not too much to say about that.

5. Let's have a brief moment to focus on the super intense acting that was in this episode. First, Gus Fring, dinner scene, how this dude keeps it so collected and calm is beyond me. Second, when Pinkman losing it about his fear about Mexico, that was one take and Paul just brought it the whole time: Also peep this classic scene of Gus Fring, aka Giancarlo Esposito in the legendary: "Do The Right Thing."

6. You gotta start wondering when Hank is going to think Walter has been acting really sketchy. I mean connect the dots bro.

7. So Walter and Jesse had a fight, but when is it going to be Walter vs Jesse for real. My hope is that the entire season is them trying to outwit each other.

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