September 26, 2011

TPG's Chemistry Class: Episode 11 "Crawl Space"

Everything has changed. More than any other episode, and yes, I'm including all the action heavy tension filled episodes of yonder year, this is the most game changing episode yet story wise. Where our characters go from here is anybody's guess. But, let's make sure our carpet is where we want it to be, and get started.

1. This episode was titled "Crawl Space" and in addition to the lab, the car-wash, and the desert it's a key piece of Breaking Bad lore. It was here that that Walter's compulsiveness really came to a fore-front when he was trying to take care of the fungus, it's here where Skyler stashed his money, and finally, now it's where he totally lost his mind. That cackle at the end, a man finally being crushed by everything above him. He's being pushed into hell.

2. This was one of four episodes that Bryan Cranston produced, and I can see why, his is a tour de force of acting makes the episode. That laugh in the end when he's in the crawl space was haunting.

3. Gus Fring was definitely in the Chilean Army when General Pinochet was calling the shots. You don't get private hospitals, with stashes of blood types, and expert doctors without having some serious connections. Also, it would explain where he learned his detailed, thorough, and ruthless approach to chicken and enemies.

4. Everyone knew Ted was going to die, but I gotta say, while I appreciated the very "Godfather" obvious homage with the oranges falling on him, I was a little disappointed that it wasn't more intense. I guess he died like he lived...carelessly. After all this was the guy who had an affair, cooked his books, and bought the Benzo. Yet I found his "I'm doing the right thing" speech to be a ray of light amidst the dark souls of this show.

5. Impressive that Hank referenced "3 Days of the Condor," it's an old school thriller starring Robert Redford about a vast conspiracy full of morally ambiguous people, sounds familiar.

6, The last time Jesse was playing Sonic Racing he was drugged out mess. Now, he's playing it with Andrea and Brock while eating popcorn, a happy little domestic unit, and who comes knocking at the door. Mr. Danger Walter White! The roles have been reversed. Jesse is the stable one and Walt is the drug-addicted mess. He's addicted to power and control. And damn if there any doubt Walt was off the rails he gets cattle prodded like some crazy animal.

7. Will Tyrus, Gus's current henchman live longer than Victor?

8. What does Gus want from Hector? Does he want him to cry? Lose it in his pants? Explode? Seriously, Gus, what you looking for? Your Jordans?

9. Change is coming:

  • Gus - He's got some hard choices. Killing Hank/Walter are bold moves. He's ruthless, he's going to try to kill Hank
  • Jesse - Does he have any compassion left for Walter. I don't think so.
  • Walter- A broken deranged man, he's going to confess to Hank and try to get out. My co-worker is correct, he'll be in hiding by the end of the season.
  • Saul - He's in too deep with the death of Ted and the witness protection thing. He's probably dead.

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