August 29, 2011

TPG's Chemistry Class: Episode 7 Problem Dog

Do I even need to say how good this episode was? How delicious is that "Pollos Hermanos" when the drink comes with Gus Fring fingerprints? How fun is the video game? Just how joyful is the joyride? How was the fruit platter?

1. Just get it over with will ya. Just give Aaron Paul the Emmy. Honestly, that scene in rehab, are you serious? Man, often times people talk about "Breaking Bad' and besides the usual "Oh mann, Breaking Bad is the shit" you often get the "I can't believe that's the Dad from Malcolm In The Middle," yeah I get it, but now it should be "Aaron Paul is the truth" when people bring up the show.

2. Game on! We now have our third "Breaking Bad" video game reference for those who have been counting. Earlier this season we got Badger and Skinny Pete discussing "Resident Evil" and "Left 4 Dead," then we go Pinkman's "Sonic Racing" kick, and now we've hit a next level of video game reality because Jesse was playing a game that isn't even out yet: RAGE. Didn't you love this scene though? It was a peak into Jesse's psyche but also a commentary on video game violence. Shooting mutants in the face in a virtual world is just like and shooting Vegan mutant chemists in real world!

3. Saul is a good character made great by Bob Odenkirk's inspired acting and I loved his line about the problems of finding hit-men: "They know Mike and Mike knows them!" Yes Saul, Mike the Cleaner is one of the most interesting, well acted, and bad-ass characters on TV. That being said, if you're looking for predictions one of them will be dead before the season is over. Mike or Saul? They could ice Saul but then they wouldn't get as many laughs or they could dispose of Mike and they wouldn't get...well Jonathan Banks genius work. Your pick.

4. I used to think I had a handle on Jesse's loyalty and based off AMC's Facebook poll they want viewers to start guessing. I have two theories going: What I Want To Have Happen - I want Jesse to kill Walter and take over the empire (this would be the most shocking and satisfying) What I Think Will Happen - Jesse is going to try to kill Gus, but won't be able to because of loyalty to him/Mike, but  Walt will get it done.

5. Loved that instead of saying "quit" while playing the video-game, Jesse chose "Restart." This whole mentality of a "restart" was also present when he was painting over his walls. He may change his surroundings, but he's still trapped, locked into a situation with Gus, Mike, Walt, his own demons, and the Meth. How he handles that situation now is yet to be seen.

6. I don't know about the process of time but Hank progressed from walker to cane in one episode and made his biggest leap forward in chasing down Heisenberg ever. Who his physical therapist this is dynamite! Also, it should be noted that he abandoned the walker only after eating Los Pollos Hermanos, so perhaps the chicken has got a lil extra somethin somethin that heals him faster.

7. Maurcie Compte who plays Gaff, aka the Cartel based villain to Gus succesfully out "Gussed" "Gus, kind of looks like the spanish Corey Feldman.

8. When Jesse was giving his big speech in rehab about the Dog, his acting was so on point I really started to think of Gale as a Dog. Really that not that hard when you think about it.

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