August 8, 2011

TPG's Chemistry Class: Episode 4 "Bullet Points"

Man, what a crazy cold open that was! Sorry, I had to folks, for those of you don't know what a cold open is, check out this page here. Alright now that we got the cheesy line out of the way, let's talk about this episode. There were murmurs in the press that people thought this show was too deliberate and slow, well, now we had a little more action: courtesy of everyone's favorite "Modern Family" guest star: Mike the Cleaner (Jonathan Banks)

1. As we move onwards with this season, I'm constantly thinking of the "real life scientists" observation from the first episode regarding the "blue-red shift." The scientific concept assigns colors to describe movement as objects are increasing in wavelength. Redshift is when things are moving away and blue when things are moving close. Throughout every episode it's always red and blue, red and blue and more red and blue. Take the opening scene, everything is tinted to blue that's to the cold...except Mike's jacket. Later on when Walt and Hank check out the lab book everything is blue. In Jesse's house...there are red sheets everywhere. The lab...everything is red. I'm still struggling to figure out what the red/blue mania means...but I just had to mention it.

2. Somewhere in Jonathan Banks contract as Mike the Cleaner there is a clause that says....every four episodes you gotta do some badass shit. It was just four episodes ago in the season 3 finale that Mike went on his little "I'm a ice-cold hitman who shoots people through walls" demonstration, and now he's at it again. His character is so ridiculously good not because he gets to blast fools but also because he get's to act fools out of the water as well. See this classic scene from the last season where Mike explains his entire philosphy.

3. Skyler White's descent (or is it ascent?) to being a full on money laundering Queen has been something huh?. It's clear that Walt isn't cool with it, but it seems like his frustation comes from her extreme attention to detail, something that he himself is proud of when it comes to his own work as a cook. He seems to think that using his personal life as a cover is wrong...but is fine with cooking meth to support his life. This brings up an interesting point about the character of Walter White? When is he going to show some remorse for what he's become? Simply put, Heisenberg has completely taken control of Walter White. With the choice to disappear being presented to him by Saul...he doesn't accept.

4. We've learned so much about Gale post mortem than we did when he was alive, but that video was strange as hell.

5. Saul is looking more and strung out with each episode. He's also getting paranoid as hell. I don't think he's going to survive the season. On another note, good to see "Gus" alive and well, even if he's still rocking his patented yellow shirt.

6. THE RETURN OF THE MIND MELT (WITH SPICY LIME MAYO & MANCHEGO) Of all the video games Jesse could play he chooses Sonic Racing.Sonic is a little punk hedgehog running around aimlessly, chasing money that has no real value, dealing with a mad bald scientist that antagonizes him (whoahhh), and searching for crystals to return to happy times with his girl. It could be argued that Sonic likes techno. This is either a genius move on the writers part or simply the fact that Jesse was playing PS3 and Sony who produces Breaking Bad produces PS3s. 

If any readers want to comment on the significance of Walt Whitman or The Far Side cartoon please do.

7. This is no doubt one of the more exciting episodes of the season so far. It will be interesting to see how far Walt goes to save Jesse from Gus's wrath especially because Walt has to see Jesse is becoming a serious liability.

8. How do you guys feel about Hank. I'm kind of rooting for him to get better because I feel bad for him, but I don't really wanna see Walt and Jesse get busted. But I do want to see Gus get busted. But not really Mike. Skyler....ehhh...maybe.  I guess these complications are the soul of Breaking Bad.

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