August 1, 2011

TPG'S Chemistry Class: Episode 3 "Open House"

Last night's episode of "Breaking Bad" titled "Open House" was a real downer of an episode, there really isn't any other way to spin it. Yet as the show get's dark and bleaker (Jesse's house party scene....yikes) I keep enjoying it more, if only because it's just so well done. But anyway, let's grab our Cheetos and get into it.

1. This is the most sitcomed out episode of this show ever. The way Walt acts about his job in this episode was almost surreal. He enjoys his morning cup of brew, get's upset when his private office in the work place is violated by a camera, and refers to Mike beating his ass as a slight agreement with a co-worker. Then he spends some serious time arguing with his wife (?) about financial issues. Honey....did we pay the taxes yet...just kidding how is the money laundering going. It was strange and awesome at the same time.

2. Is everyone else anticipating something awful or wonderful to happen with Jesse this season. His quote regarding getting the shit kicked out you - "You do kind of get used to it" was more heartbreaking than seeing what's become of his house. And while seeing him throw that money into the passed out guys mouth was funny, this is the second time him giving away money has come up. Something terrible is going to happen to him or he's going to pull himself out of the abyss. I'm hoping for the second. Side note that dude talking about getting pushed through the fence had been watching too much Final Destination.

3.  Fritos and Cheetos. What a tough break for good ol' Marie. I mean who hasn't messed that up. But since we're talking munchies...I'm going Fritos every time. The Cheetos texture is a little too funky for me and I can't put my finger on just what I'm tasting. Fritos on the other hand kind of taste like corn and that makes me more comfortable.

4. It's funny hearing Walt talk about the ethics of acquiring the car-wash. He doesn't want to do anything "dirty," which is just hilarious considering how many people he has killed. I wonder when this aspect of his personality is going to come out to Skyler.

5. What does Vince Gilligan have against family? As I watched Skyler and Marie descend into crime this episode, it made me think what motivates everyone on this show to "break bad" per se? Walt was motivated by providing for her family, Skyler is doing it to help Hank/she likes it, Marie is doing because she's scorned by Hank,  and Jesse is doing it because he has no family/loved ones (the desecration of his house represents this yo). C'mon Vince...what happened to you on the family road trip?

6. Did you catch how bedridden mineral cataloguer Hank didn't want anything to do with the rice pudding but once he started talking police work he started gobbling it up? As much as I think Hank is a pain in the ass, I feel for the guy. The cliffhanger of him opening the lab book was incredible only because you know it's going to drive him to get back on the force with fury....but it was that fury that lead to get messed up in the first place.

7.  The "soil expert" guy that you were trying to figure our where you saw him is named Bill Burr. You recognize him from "The Chappelle Show." You're welcome

8. Until next time...stay good....don't let your family turn into a criminal.

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