August 5, 2011

First Photo of "Catwoman" raises some question.

Warner Brother's released the first official photo of "Catwoman" today from "The Dark Knight Rises" aka the most anticipated movie of all time. The pictures come from Slashfilm (who have even more if you click the link) but there are a couple of things I wanted to point regarding this flick.

  1. In previous screen incarnations Catwoman was all about the sex appeal. Check out the pics here. And while that's a nice tight outfit and it looks like the hair and lipstick are on point, those big ass rex-bex glasses aren't really selling the woman of the cats as a power babe. This isn't really that surprising considering women in the Batman movies so far have always been totally underdeveloped characters.
  2. That's definitely some Wayne tech she's riding so either Catwoman has stolen Batman's gear from da cave, or he gave it to her, or her alter ego Selina Kyle works at Wayne Enterprises and jacked it there.
  3. There are always big wheels in the Batman other movie gives the viewer gigantic tires like the Batman flicks.
  4. Where is she driving? It doesn't look like a road? Is this a breakout scene?
  5. This movie can't come soon enough. 

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