August 31, 2011

A Brief Update on James Bond

This James Bond business never goes out of style does it? Ok, ok, relax "Quantum of Solace" wasn't that good, it suffered some serious "Chaos Cinema" sickness, and when I say "serious" I mean I had almost no idea what was going on for the bulk of the film. But hey, wait, let's knock Bond too much because as you probably know...James Bond will return next November for his 23rd adventure. Here's a brief update to shake you up!

The Location
Haf the fun of these Bond flicks is seeing all the exotic locations (more on other exotic elements of the films later) and news today announced that filming is confirmed to be taking place in India, specifically in Goa, Delhi and Ahmedabad. Other locations will certainly be announced, but for now this is the only confirmed spot on the map

The Cast
Obviously Daniel Craig is back as 007. His boss "M" played by Judi Dench will be returning as well. But here is where it gets interesting. Three names have constantly been circled regarding the 23rd outing and 2/3 are highly promising, the third being a bit of a wild card. The two big names are Javier Bardem and Ralph Fiennes. It's unconfirmed what role they will be playing but it is safe to assume one of the two will be the villain. Considering both are responsible for some of cinema's greatest on-screen villains, we are going to be in for a treat. The third and final name is Ben Wishaw, a big time British actor who could one day be Bond*.

The Babes
Bond movies gotta have babes, fact of life, kind of like jelly sandwiches gotta have peanut butter. No female names have been added to the cast, but if the old rumors are true, we could be seeing Frieda Pinto and Oliva Wilde join the cast. I'm cool with that.

The Action
Part of the reason that they're shooting in India is because a massive sequence in the film is going to involve an epic throw down on a cargo train. How very "Uncharted" for JB.

The Story
Got nothing for you, but it's rumored to involve trains. See Above

The Score
Serbian Cellist Jelena Mihailovic has been set to write the score for the film. This is a pretty different tune from the days of "Die Another Day" but with Jack White and Alicia Keys doing the music for the last film, guess someone in the Bond world really wants to go super indie/hip with the score.

Som people are saying the film will be called "Carte Blanche" but I'm hearing that's bogus.  That's all I got, stay tuned for more updates!

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