July 28, 2011

Who Won The 2011 Super Hero Showdown?

Way back in February I projected that this summer would be a Super Hero Smackdown. There were four films battling it out to be the King of the heroes: "X-Men: First Class," "Green Lantern," "Thor," and "Captain America." Now they've all busted into the multiplex with their assorted powers, let's take a look back to see how they all stack up.

1. "X-Men: First Class" - Michael Fassbender dominates the summer as Magneto, it's that simple. His final kill is the biggest OSM* of the entire summer and he's doing so much badass shit in the movie it's just straight bananas. That being said James McCavoy is great as Professor X and the alternate history plot is effective and the most original of the summer. This film more than any other this summer has the most scenes that I remember and think back on and say "yeah....that was worth my loot."

2. "Captain America: The First Avenger" - While it's cool to see Magneto killing Nazi's with his magnetic mastery, Captain America is my favorite on screen hero this summer, and it's for his non-action related abilities. One of the key themes in the flick is that Cap is a "good man" and Chris Evans really sells this theme. It's great seeing a hero who isn't an asshole like Tony Stark, a psychopath like Batman, or a emo-baby freak like Superman. Also, the shield throwing was as cool as I hoped it would be. Bonus points for having the best romance of any of the flicks.

3. "Thor" - Unlike some of my pals who thought "Thor" was an abomination, I enjoyed the film. Pretty much unknown actor Chris Hemsworth brings the humor, heart, and hammer time to his performance as the Norse God. Out of all the movies this one had the best production design. I mean Asgard has rainbow bridges, galaxies flowing into waterfalls, and Stringer Bell as the gate keeper to an ancient portal involving an cosmic tree. Not for everyone. (Note...my Dad saw Thor twice and loved it)

4. "Green Lantern" - A buddy of mine who possesses the power of Comic-Book knowledge called this movie "The Frat Lantern," and he's right. I like Reynolds and he's trying hard here...but the story which involves rastafari alien cloud monsters, fighter jets, alien fish with British accents, and Blake Lively just doesn't work. Guest blogger Kosher D once said this was one to be taken seriously, and to that I say... c'mon son.

Until next summer (holy shit next summer) have a good one.

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