July 25, 2011

TPG's Chemistry Class: Episode 2 "Thirty Eight Snub"

Party Party Party! Last night's episode of Breaking Bad titled "Thirty Eight Snub" was both one of the happier episodes ever (no-geyser's of Victor Blood) and also one of the most foreboding. I mean you just know that something bad is going to happen right. Also what's up with the minerals? Let's get our lefty draw on and dive in.

1. Technology! Last night's episode seemed to have machines running rampant like a Terminator movie. We had Jesse's brand new stereo equipment (complete with psychedelic lights yo), the roomba, Hank and Marie's mechanical bed, and finally the thirty eight snub nosed pistol. That last one, which the episode is named after is the most important piece of technology out of all of them. With an opening scene discussing the mechanics of using it, it was interesting to see Walter approach it with the how-do-to style of a scientist. Yet even with all these mechanics, not one device brings anyone happiness.

2. But......things aren't all empty. For a little bit there, this was one of the happiest episodes of "Breaking Bad" ever. Jesse was back with his old chums, talking that bullshit and throwing an epic party. I mean let's be honest here, any party where cutting a pizza with scissors is discussed had to be epic right. It was strange seeing Jesse surrounded by so many people, and it just made the end, with Jesse losing it right next to his massive speaker that much more intense. Songs from this party world are all broken down here.

3. He's Back...the real life theorist Dr. Anthony Megamix had this to say about the episode:

Mike killed Gus. (Gus) was absent from the episode and Mike had blood on his shirt at the bar. Some think he has cancer as well which is why he's coughing throughout the episode. I also think Saul is next to go. Mike raised his glass to the commercial of Saul at the bar. 

4. At first I thought that Badger and Skinny Pete's video game conversation was the writer's attempt to inject some humor and knowledge for all the gamer bros that love "Breaking Bad," but reviewing the episode on a whole their conversation takes a new life. They were mainly amped about the various types of zombies both their undead motivations and their foes, but I couldn't help but notice at the end of the episode...Badger said said he needed a brain transplant as him and Skinny Pete did the hangover/zombie shuffle across the lawn. As for Jesse, he just curled up...empty...a zombie himself. No real motivation for anything, totally apathetic, and searching for anything.

5. Give it up for Betsy Brandt who plays Hank's wife Marie. She's been doing great work on this show since the beginning, but this season, with Hank all incapacitated she is doing work!

5. MILD NOT SPICY MIND MELT I really wish I had something epic to tell you about this blue corundum mineral that Hank is really into, but the only thing I could dig it that it is extremely abrasive and hard, with only diamonds being stronger. Then again a blue corundum is also a a sapphire. So maybe it means that Hank acts hard but really ultimately a pansy? He's going to write about a book about Urban poverty? Anyone?

7. I was kicking it with a buddy and he said that he likes "Breaking Bad" but it's really really "arty." I responded with a: "Yess...brah it's arty as hell but Gus Fring son!" But he's got a point, the camera angles and the sound design and score in particular are on some next level shit this season. Last week we talked about cinematography so this week let's notice Dave Porter's excellent score.

8.  Even though he hasn't been around for that long, I love how Gale's coffee machine still lingers the meth lab. It serves as a constant reminder of the simple plain innocent* life that Walt/Jesse took, the coming storm of Feds looking into lab book, an example for the still complex process of cooking,  and as memento of a rosier past for all parties involved

*Innocent - Gale did get excited with the prospect of his own lab.

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  1. blue corundum, when not of sapphire quality, looks an awful lot like the meth that the series features. Maybe it ends with that, maybe there is something else that the rock symbolizes as well?