July 8, 2011

Films To Inspire Us To Get Back To Space

Today marks the final launch of the Space Shuttle and while it's pretty tragic, I like to be optimistic about the future of the space shuttles and space travel. Nasa.gov are you listening? My reasons for this aren't really that complicated: space, space travel, space exploration, aliens, x-wings, jedis, galaxies, planets, comets, the borg, Oa, are extremely exciting and awesome. So while it's easy to get down that there won't be any space shuttle launches for a while, check out some films that will hopefully inspire us to return to the cosmos

I mean where does one start with this flick. It's both incredibly detailed in how it envisions space travel to evolve and wickedly heady in terms of it's cosmic implications about....everything.......brahhhhhh. I recently saw it on the big screen for the fist time and the level of detail and care put into showing space exploration is astounding. If anyone in NASA needs a shot of inspiration check out this flick, just don't drop any acid when you do, everyone knows how that works out. 

Star Wars: A New Hope
Yo...N.A.S.A. the sooner you create X-Wings, Y Wings, A-Wings, and hire frog people like Admiral Akbar the sooner the public will be ready to get back to space! While you're at it, have some other government agencies make some lightsabers!

Michael Bay
Now before you Wes Anderson junkies start freaking out about including this divise director on the list. Remember that he made "Armageddon" a movie which NASA both loves and hates. The message in that flick is clear that: A) Anyone can be a space hero B)N.AS.A has tons of cool space tech C) Respect space or it will drop fiery rocks on you. Bay also has successfully linked real life Space missions to his transformers reality both in the plot lines and trailers of first and third film. I mean the guy has the real life Buzz Aldrin meetings Optimus Prime in the new one! Respect!

Apollo 13 

I saw this flick on opening night and it blew my mind. As real as it gets when it comes to NASA and space flight this movie is so accurate we watched in science class, and not because my science teacher sucked, but because of it's brilliant lessons of problem solving and teamwork that film conveys. Also the explosions in the launch sequence are choice, also Tom Hanks is the man.

Star Trek (2009)
The deep space jump on the rig that's destroying the planet with some shady red-matter science is a long way off (maybe 20 years tops) but this sequence is enough to get anyone fired up to go to space. Unlike "Star Wars" it has kind of basic connection to science and reality and that scores major points.

Event Horizon & Alien
Just kidding, don't watch these unless you want to start signing petitions for NASA not to explore space/hell/the abyss.

The Right Stuff
Yikes I've never seen this flick, but I had to include because I know my Dad and my older readers who care about space would think I was a real rookie/ferengi (that's for you JP) if I didn't include it.

Sunshine (Update)
My Dad pointed out this title was missing from my list. Not only is it from Academy Award winning director Danny Boyle but it also features real life science in a practical sci-fi setting. I dig how the ship makes it's own oxygen via plant garden, the physicist is the most important person on board, and kick ass soundtrack.

Honorable Mentions
"Space Cowboys" is pretty good, I never bothered to see "The Astronaut's Wife," but apparently it's wack so don't bother. "Galaxy Quest" is notable for being hilarious and "The Last Starfighter" is also notable for being the bomb.com

I'm gonna miss the space shuttle, but sense of wonder in the cosmos in strong. This is mainly in part for a desire to go on my own personal trench run (with my boy Jay Judah as Wedge) to save the galaxy and because I read Astronomy Picture of the Day every day of my life. Go Space!

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  1. Very nice summary of space movies.
    Two others:
    Sunshine about a mission to the sun. Very gripping and real.

    Moonstruck. A romantic comedy, but the moon landing is always in the background.
    period piece.