July 26, 2011

Comic Con Revisted

After taking last year off, I returned to Comic Con and it was glorious. And while I wasn't there for the whole weekend I managed to do enough to bring you these simple Comic-Con reflections

  1. While there are nerds everywhere they're harmless. It's the action figure collecting 50 year old dudes that are huffing and puffing while carrying a 60 pound bag of Gandalf replicas that you have to worry about.
  2. I met the President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige. I asked him where I could get an "Avengers" T-shirt and if he could give me any information about "Dr. Strange." He said he couldn't talk about either thing, but he did offer me a part as "Dude that Hulk Picks Up" in "The Avengers."
  3. It never gets old seeing giant figures of the toys you enjoyed as a child. And in case your rookie self didn't know it...that's Voltron on the right. Respect tha Voltron!
  4. When it comes to people giving out free swag it's really a feeding frenzy out there. What you giving out...give it to me...oh you only have it in extra extra extra extra large....thats fine...gimme that shit.
  5. When you're at the Con, you hear stories about the worse kind of monster that roams the halls. The line cutters. 
  6. There are tons of kids on the floor at Comic Con. They're really pumped to be there, I mean it's a magical place. That being said there is a crazy amount of very scantily clad women walking the floor in their favorite characters "outfits," so simply put it's a dream land for 13 year old boys. (See below).
  8. I met Guillermo Del Toro and Tom Morrello and besides both having last names that end in O they both were extremely nice and both were taking down egg white omeletes. Are Egg White omeletes the key?
  9. I don't think I saw any of these people put it's pretty funny to read about celebrities who have to go incognito on the floor
  10. In between all the madness there is still some heartwarming stuff, like this little guy.    

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