June 13, 2011

TPG's Game Time: Episode 9 "Baelor"

Sean Bean! Talk to your people man, you deserve better than having to play the guy who gets killed in the first part of the fantasy epic. Just kidding, you're a tremendous actor and your two scenes in this episode were straight legendary! Sucks you had to go out like that instead of fighting to death like in LOTR.  However, there are other things to brew on in this episode, included but not limited dead animals, hilarious comedy, and another Harry Potter actor appearance!

Direwolf Badassery - .5 (we got a mention of direwolf and custom sword)
Magic! - 1 (evil demon witch doctor messing with my boy Drago)

1. With Ned Stark having his final date with a sword, I'm trying to figure out if he was a "good" guy. At the end he sacrificed his belief in the one true king in order to save himself and his family. Kinda weak to back of your convictions of a "soldier" if you ask me. Two weeks ago he put two much trust in the last will of the King, which he doctored in a semi-shady move and prior to that he refused get his family out of the castle. He's a noble man who seems to make terrible decisions, and for this reason I wasn't that destroyed by his death. Am I alone in this sentiment?

2. MILD MIND MELT WITH LIGHT JALAPENO- Readers will know I'm constantly going on about the animal metaphor thing that the show has going on. So this week, we got to see another raven, frequently associated with Bran Stark getting shot out of the sky. Then before we know we get a Stark parting with his head. Also this week we got a horse, frequently associated with the Dothraki getting it's throat slashed. Besides "Game of Thrones" strange fascination with killing horses, does the horse death bode poorly for Khal Drago? I love the guy but he was hurting this week!

3. Jon Snow maynnnnnne. If this dude couldn't get any cooler he has a custom blade with his direwolf on the hilt. And the blade is named "Longclaw," which is also just extremely cool. When the winter comes (which I'm pretty sure it is) Jon Snow will be the medieval version of a space heater. Just straight burning shit up!

4. First we get Tonks on the show and now we get Filch! That's right David Bradley who plays Argus Filch in the Harry Potter films popped up as an old horny Gatekeeper Walder Frey.  Hopefully in future seasons we'll get even more Harry Potter actors. Perhaps the great David Thewlis?

5. Can we please acknowledge how funny this show is? First we got Walder Frey bashing on his family members with colorful insults.. Then we get Catelyn Stark trying to describe a future wife to her son, but failing. We follow that with the latest episode of legendary buddy pairing of the show - Tryion and Bronn, in this episode they meet a sassy asian stripper and get drunk.....cue the laugh track.!

6.  Last week I wondered if they were going to show the epic battles that we see people getting hyped for. Now we have our answer and it's NO....but we will show you the aftermath, a good creative decision on the part of the creators that I'm cool with.

7. Throughout this episode there was a theme of "acting" or "pretending." We had the Eunich talk about how he wanted to be an actor until he "got his balls cut off with a hot knife." Then we had Tyrion's heartbreaking story about the whore who was hired to pretend to care about him. And finally as I mentioned above, we had Ned Stark pretend to care about the King and pay the ultimate price. As we head into the finale we should keep in mind the speech of the elder Targaryen, everyone has to make a choice and stand by it, not pretend to be something their not. CANNOT WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK!

Here's a better death for you Sean Bean!

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  1. did you forget Jamie's capture??