June 7, 2011

TPG's Game Time: Episode 8 "The Pointy End"

Zombies, tongue rips, vikings oh my! "Game of Thrones" is really firing on all cylinders right now and Sunday's episode entitled "The Pointy End" was another blood drenched kick ass episode of television. It's only been 8 episodes and I'm super invested in these characters and their stories. So let's call up our red eyed direwolf and explore. Also peep the new categories that reader James suggested:

Direwolf Badassery: 2
Magic!!!! - 1

1. Finally Khal Drago steps up to the plate and shows us just why he's the resident badass of the Dothraki/television. Let's break down how it all played out:

  • Scenes of devastation that the Khal ordered oh, hey there, Khal Drago good to see you again, what's that your seated next to - A pile of heads? +1 for head pile.
  • Here comes your wife, no problem, you are willing to proclaim that you are so whipped by her hotness/warrior womb that she can command your men. +2 for admitting your whipped.
  • Someone challenges your authority by putting a scimitar to your chest, you promptly moved forward to let them cut you. +3 for resistance to pain.
  • A constant stream of insults including but not limited to beetles feeding on eyes, winds tearing people to pieces etc. +4 for creativity with insults.
  • Ripping out someone's tongue through their throat. +5 for topping Rambo and a creative kill.
2. I want to apologize to my readers for you overuse of the phrase "Blue Eyed Demons," it is now clear there is some type of magic that the "White Walkers" have that turns normal people in Mr. Freeze clone zombie killers. On the left is what I think is an original "white walker," and I, like Jon Snow's fat friend am convinced that they're different from the human with the blue eyes, pale skin, and lack of body odor. That being said if heat kills the white walkers/ cold zombies, people are really screwed if "winter is coming."

3. A big question I have is just how epic is this show going to get? Forget winter, WAR is coming! We have two sides building armies with vikings who like sex jokes on the Lannister side and old knights who fight with three fingers on the other on the Stark side on the other. Are we going to get some "Braveheart" level carnage?

4. I'm always impressed by the set decoration on this show. Let's take a time out to compliment set decorator Richard Roberts on his work. Sweet tapestries bro!

5. There can only be one Alfred Molina lookalike with a killer accent, adept sword, and even more deadly afro so with the death of Syrio Forel, one must wonder when his kind going to appear on other TV Shows? I'm looking at you "Phineas and Ferb!" 

6. While I love pretty much everything on this show, I have to say the stuff at the white wall is my favorite. The mystery of white walkers, the blue eyed people, Jon Snow's direwolf with the red eyes, the band of outcasts vibe, and creeping dread are all awesome.

7. A great character on the show is Sir Barristan Selmy, who was dismissed of his duties to the realm by bitch ass King Joffrey. Hopefully we'll see him again soon.

8. Ned Stark is trapped in a dungeon with occasional visits from a eunuch, things are not looking good for a redemption for Boromir!

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