June 20, 2011

TPG's Game Time: Episode 10 "Fire and Blood" (SPECIAL DRAGON EDITION)

Last night's season one finale of "Game of Thrones" entitled "Fire and Blood" found us with many characters in interesting places DRAGONS DRAGONS DRAGONS! YES YES YES! THEY'RE FINALLY HERE! Dude.....I love dragons so much...."Dragonheart" is the shit....but this....whoah...gotta do a recap here, let's fire em up and dive in!

Direwolf Badasserry - 2...we got our first glimpse of the Rickon's ferocious wolf Shaggydog (great name huh) and we also got a story about Robb's direwolf killing twelve people in battle. Excellent.

MAGIC! - See above

1. There was a serious outpouring of hate after the show killed Ned Stark. After all he was the face of the marketing for the show, fans were pissed that he was dead....but HBO showed that didn't care about the haters, opening the episode with his blood dripping off the sword. The scenes of the grieving Stark family was so intense though I thought there we gonna cut to a Game of Thrones finale viewing party of people crying while wearing custom bedazzled "Winter is Coming" shirts.

2. I really like that Bran is now buddies with Osha, the crazy woman from the woods, (aka Tonks). She seems to have knowledge of the winter that is coming, knows a lot about magic (and DRAGONS) and in the future I imagine that she will prove crucial in defense against the white walkers.

3. It's hard to believe that lil' ol' Jack Gleeson, the cute kid from "Batman Begins" (see left) would play the most hated character on TV right now. Between cutting out musicians tongues, making Sansa stare at her loved one's rotting heads, and having his mutant/knight slap around his bride to be....I cannot wait til this little shit gets his. My dream is Arya Stark stabs him with "needle."Also was Syrio Forel's head up there on the pike? Will the legendary afro swordsman return, perhaps riding a DRAGON?

4. Speaking of Arya Stark, not only is she rocking an extremely hip hair cut and a new name but she's fallen in with the bastard son of the king, you remember him, his name is Gendry and he's badass blacksmith. The odds that he and Arya will be legendary warriors are about as high as the height DRAGONS fly at.

Alright I'll cool it with the dragon talk.

5. If there is one thing that "Game of Thrones" does particularly well, it's scenes of people making proclamations and oaths. In this episode we had a whole host of victorious knights taking an oath to Robb the King of the North and then we had another version of the ultra cool Night's Watch oath in the woods by torchlight. Oaths...proclamations....always kick ass.

6. Let's pump the brakes to talk about the ever popular Tryion Lannister. He's now going to become the hand of the king and while he needs to listen to more Dr Dre Chonic 2001, but his scene where his father finally accepted him was kind of touching. Also my buddy at the Night's Watch (aka work) pointed out that his girlfriend could be a Dothraki.

7. While it really pained me to see Khal Drogo go out withput an epic throw down battle at least we got to see him rip out someone's tongue through their throat, but I can't help but dream of what he could have been. Hopefully we'll get more of this is this summer's Conan the Barbarian where he plays Conan...the Dothraki....I mean Barbarian....same thing right?

8. As much as I'm literally salivating at the thought of full blown dragons kicking ass next season what really got me going was the entire Night's Watch riding out to meet the white walkers face to face. Way back when this season started we got our first glimpse of the white walkers I knew these bastards were gonna be hard to kill, Seagal style, and now finally those cold little blue eyed demons are gonna get a healthy dose sword/fire to make em wanna sing.....I would like to point out that Thislalife reader Young Hyatt esquire predicts that only the dragons will be able to defeat the white walkers. Three words about that prediction......SIGN ME UP!

It's ben a real pleasure writing these recaps for you this season. And with season two not starting for a year (Dragon CGI is time consuming...no doubt) it will be a while til Game Time returns. That being said if you like my recap style stay tuned as I will be recapping "Breaking Bad" this summer as well as "Boardwalk Empire" in the fall.

SEE YOU IN 2012 !

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