June 2, 2011

Do recent Dark Knight Rises viral videos hint at Knightfall inspired Story (Plus a mega-rumor!)

Alright, folks this is going to come at you quick so pay attention. One of the many well known Batman stories is "Knightfall," where Bane breaks Batman's back and takes the caped crusader out of the game. How does he best Batman? He breaks a whole host of prisoners out of Arkham Asylum, Batman has to round em all up, and then in his weak state Batman is no match for Bane and snap crackle pop spine snap. So here we go! Today two new viral videos dropped for "The Dark Knight Rises," they are below

Here is the second one

And another one!

So what exactly is happening here? An Arkham breakout? Sounds a lot like the Knightfall story to me. Casting reports have pegged Bane in the new script to be as intelligent as he is strong so this breakout story is looking to be just in line with Knightfall. So if we're following that story, that what do we make of the the fact that Batman has his back shattered in the storyline. HERE COMES THE MEGA rumor. 

There is speculation that Joseph Gordon Levitt will not be playing just a "detective" in the film, but a detective who takes up the cowl when Bruce Wayne is incapacitated. Further speculation indicates that at the film end the Dark Knight has risen, but with Gordon Levitt wearing the mask and Bruce Wayne dead or broken. This would match the news that Nolan is staying on board to produce the next "reboot" of the franchise. It would be a "reboot" only in the fact that a new person is taking up the cowl, but not a total kick-start of the franchise. If you don't think DC/WB would go for something this daring, consider this: The Dark Knight Rises is more than year away, and people are already going bat-shit for it. They can do anything they want. 

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