June 27, 2011

Another Sunday.....Another Excellent HBO Show

Hard to believe just last week, "Game of Thrones" was ending and I was depressed that I had a long wait until it returned in 2012. And then Sunday rolled around we had a brand new episode of "True Blood." Say what you will about the season opener, but the show is trashy, funny, and....way more enjoyable than most network dramas. And that's what HBO is really all about: Quality.

It seems like from now to the end of time there will be shows that I want to watch on HBO. When "True Blood" ends, viewers will have a new season of comedies "Entourage" and "Eastbound n' Down" to look forward to. And then there is "Luck," which has gotten a shockingly minuscule amount of press. From "Deadwood" creator David Milch and action mastermind Michael Mann, the show focuses on the seedy world of horse racing. Did I mention it starts Dustin Hoffman, Nick Nolte, and John Ortiz among others.

Finally there is "Boardwalk Empire," one of my favorite shows. Last night they released the season 2 trailer and dayum does it like awesome. No other network has the money to make shows like these (The "Boardwalk" pilot supposedly cost 30 million and the "Game of Thrones" pilot was similar as well), and no other network has the amount of quality talent both in front and behind the camera. Some folks say that HBO is a prison for actors, but if it is....then I'm enjoying the show.

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