June 23, 2011

10 Good Things About Green Lantern (They're hard to find)

I managed to catch "Green Lantern" in 2D at a drive in Northern California this past weekend. I'll keep this polite and say I didn't care for it.....but I'm all about the power of will/positive energy so here are ten things that I liked about Green Lantern
  1. It made me realize how awesome "X-Men First Class" is.
  2. Mark Strong plays Sinestro in the film and he's great, the film made me appreciate what a presence this dude is on screen. He was great in "Sherlock Holmes" and  I'm looking forward to seeing him in more roles.
  3. It made me realize how much I liked "Thor."
  4. Seeing alien landscapes and galaxies on the screen never gets old and I'm pumped that the far out shit I see on "Astronomy Picture of the Day" is closer to becoming a reality (but I guess it's already real).
  5. Peter Sarsgaard
  6. It made my realize that we are just about a year away from The Dark Knight Rises
  7. On some magical business, I really want a green lantern power ring, the possibilites of what you can do with it are endless, however I would mainly stick to conjuring up pizza and free x-box games
  8. Reynolds is still pretty funny and likable and the scenes of him flying fighter jets made me wish he starred in the Top Gun Sequel, why cause Top Gun is one of the greatest flicks of all time
  9. Seeing Tim Robins on the screen made me think about "Arlington Road" which is in my top 10 movies of all time
  10. Captain America comes out soon.

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