May 23, 2011

TPG's Game Time: Episode 6 "A Golden Crown"

Last week I was in awe of the horse chop and now this week I'm just wow....I mean....I've seen some shit...but having a pot of molten gold poured on a guy's face is pretty much the rawest thing I've ever seen on TV. Oh.....hey there, we did have an excellent episode last night as well, so why don't we put the pot on the fire and check out what's melting.

Beheading - .5 we got a throat slash

1. It is now clear to me that my obsession with dragons is making me blind to some serious plot points. For example I did not pick up that Daenerys did not get burned when she touched the scalding hot dragon egg but her chamber maid did. What is this magic? Is this because she is the dragon? And now someone else pointed out that she didn't get burned back in episode 1 when she was in the scalding hot bath, uh, I wasn't distracted by Dragon eggs then.

2. And I can't wait anymore, we gotta talk a little bit more about that golden face wash that Viserys Targaryen got at the hands of Khal Drago. Speaking of Khal Drago, has there ever been an easier part for an actor to play. Requirements include - being big, brooding, wearing eye shadow, looking intently, and speaking in a language that isn't subtitled so no one will know what you're saying.

3. SUBTLE MIND MELT WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS - So Bram is out in the woods having a ball in his new saddle when he gets attacked by half ewok/half men foragers. Luckily his bro comes and regulates on everyone except one woman. A woman played by actress Natalia Tena, who plays Tonks in the Harry Potter films. There is no way that this woman isn't going to be a major character in the rest of the season or future seasons. What is her place in this power struggle you ask? I think she will become an ally to help the Starks kill the Lannisters / White Walkers / Dragons (hey I can hope right).

4. Is there any doubt the King is some type of Medieval Frat All-Star? In this episode alone he talks about his epic bromance with Ned Stark, smacks around his wife who disrespects (I don't condone or encourage this behavior) and then talks about "making the 8" or banging a wench in the 8 different realms/kingdoms/houses. He also likes to drink. Medievel Frat bro fo sho.

5. One of the mysteries of this episode was why Bronn decided to fight for Tyrion Lannister in his trial. Was Bronn just bored and couldn't pass up the opportunity to toss some dude in a hole? Does have some simple respect for Tyrion after seeing him save the Queen last week? Or perhaps is he aligning himself with Tyrion to prepare for the coming Stark/Lannister showdown?

6. Where is Jon Snow and his fat sidekick?

7. "There is only one God and his name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to death: Not today." Alfred Molina aka Syrio Forel aka Qui Gon Jin to Arya Stark drops this money quote and I feel like it applies to the whole show. As they so frequently proclaim "Winter is coming" and death may not take us today, but it will take us in time....when things get the winter.

8. So Ned Stark gets to sit on the throne as a king and the first thing he does is order a mission to apprehend "The Mountain." I pray to the Game of Thrones gods we get to see 100 people try to take down the mountain, aka the horse chopper. That is going to be one hell of a fight.

9. I said earlier that "Game of Thrones" is following the neo-HBO model for new series that has the first six episodes being set-up and the final 7 being all epic kick-ass plot driven wonders of TV goodness. Game of Thrones is tearing it up right now!

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