May 9, 2011

TPG's Game Time: Episode 4 "Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things"

And the wait continues. What wait?  The wait for the "bastard" Jon Snow to unleash with real violence instead of punches and takedowns. If the beheading count is going to rise, it will  be this dude's blade, mark my words. Let's dive in.

Decapitations - .25 (Some dude took a piece of wood to his throat in a joust)

Incest Count - 0, probably going to stop keeping track, it's a little dark.

1. Two words - Production Values!  Sometimes I am simply amazed by just how epic the whole thing is. I mean we have caravans of horses, excellent costumes, kick-ass choreographed fights, and eye-popping sets. Give it up for HBO and their courage (and deep pockets) for putting a show like this on the air.

2. THE RETURN OF THE MIND MELT WITH (THIS TIME WITH ROASTED FOWL) - So check it out, in Welsh mythology, Bran apparently is a crucial figure and you know what Bran means in Welsh... wait for it...."blessed raven." His dream where he followed a raven only to see it having three eyes, aka disabled like him, certainly is some type of omen. In folklore he goes to to become a protector of England, so who knows, come season 4, he could kicking ass like his bro, the Winter Soldier...Jon Snow.

3. Speaking of Bram - I loved seeing the blueprints for him to get back up on his horse, if only because they reminded me of "How To Train Your Dragon," which if you haven't seen it, is in my opinion a must see film. In that film the hero and his trusty dragon both learn to ride/fly post injuries, so in time, maybe little Bram will be back on that horse for real!

4. "Game of Thrones" is a killer name for a show, but you might as well call it "Long wait to see dragons" cause every single week we get some hint that there are flying fire breathing T-Rexs out there. I know they're supposedly dead, but there is no way we aren't going to get dragons at this point. I mean last night we had a 6 minute dragon speech given in a bathtub. Let me clear....I cannot wait to see how this show does dragons!!

5. Catelyn Stark is really playing sleuth now, but I wonder how her recent capture of Tyrion is going to play out, I think that she might end up gaining an ally where she thought to arrest an enemy. Tyrion seems to have some beef with his family members and I believe when he was he cares for Bran. I think he could be the guy who helps bring down the Lannisters.

6. The joust was one of the best scenes of the show. Not only did we get a terrifying parable of the dangers of family from resident facial hair tycoon Petyr Baelish, but we got a gnarly joust complete with a brutal death. Seeing the two Stark girls react to this was fascinating as Sansa Stark was looking petrified, but the next Karate Kid (don't act like you didn't see that stance) Arya Stark seemed to shocked but satisfied. Cannot wait til this chick becomes Red Sonya / Hit Girl.

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