May 3, 2011

TPG's Game Time: Episode 3 "Lord Snow"

Considering the epic level of news that dropped right before I turned on Game of Thrones, my brain wasn't as dialed into the episode as it should have been. That being said, I did notice a couple of things that I can share with you, but first, I must attend to basic sword fighting 101.

Decapitation Count: 0 (weaaaaakkk)
Incest Count: .25 (implied)

1. I include the photo of Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister because he is clearly becoming one of the three best characters on this show. Who are the other two? Stay tuned and I let you know, but let's get back to Tyrion. From the start of the show when he was dropping knowledge while at a brothel to the scene last week when he was smacking around the medieval version of the Blank Check kid, he's alway has the right line or action. Not to mention Dinkage is a incredible actor.

2. Weak ass episode! Compared to last week, this was one was a total snooze fest. I can only sit through so many scheming meetings on big budget sets with ocean views with old men/bald men talk about the past as a means to communicate dire warnings about the future. Sure, the costumes are immaculate, the dialogue is well written, but it feels like nothing is really happening here. Where are the blue eyed demon and beheadings?

3. Ahh and now we have my second favorite character on the show: Daenery's Targaryen. Besides that fact that she's married to the EDNS (Eyeliner Dude No Speak), her character is consistently interesting because of her change. In the first episode she's weak and afraid, in the second she's in control, and now she's bossing around her shaaady brother and commanding the respect of the people with the whips and horses (ehh, sounds a little weird). But seriously, I'm intrigued to see how her rising leadership skills influence the greater story of the show

4. Based off this episode we can no doubt assume that Arya Stark will rise to become a battle trained heroine of the highest accord. In the first episode she proves to be proficient with a bow, in the second she's sword fighting, and in this one she's slamming knives into tables and receiving sword training from a funny accented afro dude while her father hums the Rocky theme song in his head.  Next week she'll probably be teaming up with Hit Girl

5. And my final favorite character is Game of Thrones resident badass Jon Snow. Considering everyone and their mother is telling us that "Winter is Coming" I'll side with the dude who's adept with a blade and his fists and last name is SNOW. Is there any more indication that this dude will be the Winter Soldier (Sorry Kosher D, I had to). People are telling him he's meant for bigger things, he wants to know the truth about his mother, and his in the same area as the evil blue eyed demons, soon they'll all meet in a bloodbath, I'm sure of this.

6. While this episode contained little to no action, I feel like a great deal of backstory was given to us. We had the creepy bedtime story about the White Walkers, stories of the mad king, epic tales of chest bursting battles from the king, tales of horse gods from the Dothraki, and more I can't remember. In future episodes when things are really popping off, we'll no doubt look back on this episode as some type of reference, let's just hope that were are not to cold to look back know....if you haven't been told 100 times yet.....Winter is coming!

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