May 19, 2011

The Hype Train: "Drive"

What's that noise? Ahhh, it's the TPG hype train leaving the station, but surprisingly there are no super heroes on board today. Not even robots! I'm here today to get you fired up about a little film called "Drive" from director/auteur/madman Nicolas Winding Refn. You might recognize that name as the Dutch madman behind such trippy films as "Bronson" and my personal fave "Valhalla Rising." Well Refn has a new film premiering at Cannes soon and hitting our shores in September and it's called "Drive" and you guessed it, it's about a getaway driver.

The film has assembled quite a cast anchored around the driver, played by, you guessed it Ryan Gosling.   Relax relax, this does not mean I've turned into some crying baby man who views "The Notebook" on repeat, I just know a future action star* when I see one in Gosling. He radiates a cool calm intensity that can snap at any moment. Granted I've read the script and watched the below clip, but Gosling here is just cool calm collected and potentially deadly.

If you can't tell by the clip, the film looks intense, not slam bang action, but more a slow burn of tension. Gosling is surrounded by an excellent supporting cast including Carey Mulligan,  Bryan Cranston, Ron Perlman, and in a bizarre yet cool stroke of casting genius, funny man Albert Brooks as an evil gangster. The story focuses on how the driver gets sucked deeper into the criminal underworld after a job goes wrong, that's all I'm really saying. And while I'm pretty sure there will be no one eyed Vikings, I'm confident that with Refn's expert direction and the stellar cast surrounded Gosling, this one will be thrilling for everyone, not just gear heads.

*Gosling is in fact linked to the hyper action gangster picture "Tales from The Gangster Squad" where he teams up with Josh Brolin to take down an evil mob boss played by Sean Penn.

**If you want to learn more of the film, check out theplaylist, they're obsessed with the film

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