April 13, 2011

What's Your Favorite Dinosaur?

(Thanks to thislalife reader deweysnotdead for the tip)

I have some good friends here in thislalife that are insistent that the defing classic TPG question is "What's your favorite dinosaur?" I say that it's not a classic TPG question, but rather just a classic question along the the lines  of "What's your favorite color" or "Why would you like Donatello, are you some type of nerd?" You see the thing with dinosaurs is that they are so mind meltingly cool, it's impossible that I'm the only one that find them fascinating. And yeah, if I ask you what your favorite dinosaur is and you come at me with some weak sauce like "oh I don't know" than well, I don't really know what to make of you. Let me guess, you also don't like tigers, sharks, or bears...right?  So here is a key to figuring out what your favorite dinosaur means about you:

T-Rex - You either are or aspire to be the king of the beasts. You want people to adore/worship you but you also want them to be afraid of you (see above video for explanation)

Raptor - Reserved for shady clever people that potentially will stab you in the back. Raptor's are cool in concept, but if they are your favorite, I don't wanna roll with you. I don't like Benedict Arnold dinosaurs or people.

Triceratops - Solid all around dinosaur with some gnarly horns, if you go with this one, I'm thinking, alright, you're dependable and don't need to be the star of the show. You can still do some damage if you need to and I respect that.

Stegosaurus - Another solid all around dinosaur who just has some really sketchy or super hip fashion taste. Dare I say that this thing is the hipster of dinosaurs, the plates are just the Jurassic version of scarves/bacon/glasses

Brontosaurus / Brachiosaurus - For all their hype theres are the only dinosaurs that feel legitimately old to me. If you're a big fan of these guys I'm going to guess you're a real history buff and probably enjoy black tea and perhaps a good night listening to the phonograph machine.

Dilosphosaurus - Showboating big necked grimey spitting dinosaurs. Don't waste my time.

Compys - A star of the the Jurassic Park Novel and second film, these little shits roll in packs and are damn mean. If you tell me this is your favorite, I'm going to assume that you're crafty but probably have a posse waiting off in the wings, ready to roll on me.

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  1. What about the dino birds? Archeopteryx (sp?) etc.

    You also left out Triceratops who I think is much cooler than stegosaurus