April 27, 2011

TPG's Game Time: Episode 2 "The Kingsroad"

After a heavy episode last week to get the gears of war turning, this weeks episode of "Game of Thrones" titled "The Kingsroad" was an interesting look at where things are headed and stirring PSA for wolves everywhere. Let's strap on our longswords and head in.

Decapitation Count: .5 (dude got his throat ripped open by a wolf)
Incest Count: 0

1. Not once but twice does a wolf save somebodies skin (and rip off someone else's) in this episode. I like this concept of the dire wolves protecting the Stark household, but I'm worried about it for two reasons. The first, how often is this going to happen in the show. Every time someone gets in trouble, is the wolf gonna spring up and kick ass? Second, will the double threat badass/cute factor of the wolves lead to a boom in sweet wolf related t-shirts and fan fiction?

2. The Lannister Queen aka the real bitch schemer is turning into one of the best villains on TV right now. Much credit is due to actress Lena Hadley for projecting wickedness in the scenes that she's given. Now that the little Ezzio Auditore is awake, it will be interesting to see what her next move is.

3. Ned Stark is an interesting character because he is both supremely powerful and ultimately weak. He is the ruler of the his kingdom and his clan, but he still gets kind of bossed around by his King, even though him and the King are tight enough to pound wine and talk about sexual conquests of wenches. I wonder if this divide is going to lead him to future trouble later in the season/series. At some point he's going to have to choose a side.

4. Khal Dogo (Jason Momoa) is definitely rocking some Richard Alpert level eye-liner on this show, but even though he doesn't speak that much, he's bringing it with the intensity. For all you non-action movie nerds out there, this dude is the new Conan The Barbarian and with each week on this show he's getting me more pumped for that film. That being said, when is this dude going to engaging in any combat besides the one in the bedroom?

5. After a semi-good pilot, this episode has really pulled me into the show. I can't wait for the showdown at the wall with the White Walkers aka "Da Blue Eyed Demons!" Also, now that the climber boy is awake, the situation at home is heating up as well. In fact the whole thing kind of reminds me of a Redwall book. You have the situation at home, the quest, and the approaching army. No word if Martin the Warrior is going to turn up on the show though.
One more Direwolf save and we'll be seeing more on these on our characters.

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