April 18, 2011

TPG's Game Time: Episode 1 "Winter is Coming"

Welcome to "Game Time" my weekly follow up on HBO's new series "Game of Thrones." Each Monday you can tune and check out my thoughts and analysis of the episode, some of it will be profound and insightful, some of it will just be random observations regarding a show that features blue eyed demons and lots of fur pelts. So let's get out our weapons and start chopping off heads with the first episode "Winter is Coming"

Decapitation Count: 2 (Perhaps 3 implied)
Incest Count: 1.5

1. Based of that statistics above it's clear that this will be a show that doesn't hold anything back. It's almost like HBO got a look at "Spartacus" and said, oh, you think you can do this ancient world hardcore violence/sex thing huh, well, we invented this shit, so behold the power! 

2. It feels like this is following the "Boardwalk Empire" model rather than the "True Blood" model. What I mean by that is while 'True Blood" gets right into it with the insanity and doesn't let up, "Thrones" like "Boardwalk" looks like it's going to be a slow burn for the first couple of episodes while it establishes the characters and plot lines, and then will ignite around the midpoint. While this can lead to an underwhelming first couple of episodes, I'm confident that the show will pick up steam.

3. That little boy who was a very adept climber/faller had some straight up Assassin's Creed moves. My only question is why were there so many convenient climbing holds? Aren't these tower's supposed to be difficult to scale?
 4. Is it just me or does this dude who plays the knight with the second coolest helmet (first coolest clearly the dragon helmet dude) clearly look exactly like the "evil" Prince Charming from "Shrek" (see video for explanation)

5. While I enjoyed seeing the different far off lands, I hope that the plot lines become more streamlined as the series marches on. My magical geography is not on point.

6. I'm glad they had Prince Charming and his lover/sister throw a kid off a castle because I was pretty confused at first who were the good guys and who were the bad guys (besides the blue eyed demons, more on them in a little bit). I feel like with this show they really needed some drastic action like killing a child because everyone exists in the grey area (Much like the general color tone of the whole show).

7. Magic! Dragons! Yes! It's very interesting how the concept of magic is kept on the outskirts but is still present on the show. The dragon eggs the "queen" receives as a gift were a great foreshadowing to future fire breathers in later seasons (no word if they are "Reign of Fire" related). Also the prophecy with the dire wolf seemed magical influenced on well. No word if the excessive incest is magical as well, I don't think so though.

8. Finally, can we please talk about those blue eyed ice demons in the start of the show. Talk about the World of Warcraft Rise of the Lich King status! Got dayum, those beasts were nuts. Hopefully the show will not take too long to get these creatures because they WILD!
 "I killed Rosie Larsen!!!!"

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  1. If the show is somehow faithful to the books, we should not hear anymore about the "blue eyed demons" until season 3..