April 25, 2011

TPG's Birthday Marathon

What's good Lifers? Kosher D here, and as some of you may know and some may not, yesterday marked TPG's anniversary of dropping truth bombs and geek cred confessions here on Earth. So, to celebrate I suggest everyone get as many friends together and participate in one of the marathons below. Bonus points for the most creative drinking game invented.

The Arnoldathon
#1. Commando
#2. Predator
#3. Total Recall
#4. T-2

The Cage Match

#1. Face/Off
#2. Con-Air
#3. The Rock
#4. Your illegally downloaded copy of Drive Angry

The Jack Attack

24 Season 1
24 Season 3
24 Season 5
24 Season 7

Happy Birthday TPG!

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