April 4, 2011

ThisLALife: Guest Blogger Week

What up, it's your boy TPG, what's good?

Man, I WISH. Just foolin'. It's Jay Judah. I'm probably still your boy, but I wouldn't go so far as to guarantee it, and rarely is anything all that good.

Good morning and welcome to the 2nd annual ThisLALife Guest Blogger Week. Last year, Tim was on a cruise or something and so he called on his fellow bloggers to pick up the slack - you know, water the plants, feed the cats, write some blog entries, that sort of thing. This year, TPG... um... is honoring tradition? Is caught up with work? I don't even know anymore. Personally I just think he's just being lazy, but he has a wider audience than I do so let's just go ahead and call this an honor.

I run Things That Happen, which is basically one step above silly cat videos and a few rungs below, say, your sister's boyfriend's myspace page. Every so often I'll do some legitimate writing, but god damn it I work for a living - how TPG manages to hold down full time employment and still blog as often as he does is a mystery to me and would likely serve as grounds for termination for his employers. I'm kidding (?). I wish him all the best. Don't get fired, Tim. I hate to see a grown man cry.

I'll try to stay on topic today - you know, pop culture navel-gazing, movie trailers, anything related to Arnold Schwarzenegger (YOU GUYS SEE THAT ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY COVER, AMIRITE) and I promise you can expect plenty of explosions. And maybe some cat videos because it's my guest day and imma play it the way i feel it.

Anyway. Here we go! Woo! It's gonna be awesome. I promise. Later on, we'll all look back on this and talk about how awesome it was.

More to come.


P.S. Was tremendously shocked to find that, in Tim's collection of post tags, 'explosions' has never been used. THAT CHANGES NOW.

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