April 15, 2011

My Scream Experience

I first saw "Scream" when I was about 12 years old. It was the year that my mind had been blown to pieces by "Independence Day" and I was salivating at a chance to watch "The Rock" when it came out on VHS. My days after school were spent playing "Duke Nukem 3D" and "Red Alert," so when my buddy procured a copy of "Scream" on VHS I was pumped / terrified. Him and I were serious film buffs so it was a big deal, but there was one problem, I was petrified of horror films.
What complicated the matter is that this kid, his name is John, was a really good dude. His rep in school was literally "the nicest kid in the whole school," he was a saint. But for some reason he was adamant about watching "Scream!" When I told him I didn't want to watch it cause I didn't like scary movies, he called me a wuss. A real big sissy! What? The nice guy? You heard it here first, John was calling me out. I had no choice, I was either gonna build some tesla coils or face my fears and watch ghost face dice up teenagers. I had no choice...first scene....chest stabbing terrifying death!

While it wasn't as scary as "E.T," Wes Craven's horror film sendup really messed me up. Not only because I went home that night to an empty house (my parents were at the theater seeing a play or something) but no one believed that the nicest guy in the school "bullied" me into watching it. Ever since I've been freaked out by the films. Maybe it's the mask or how intense the stabbing are, but the franchise gets me.

So naturally I'm seeing it tonight at the the busiest movie theater in LA. Wow what a good/bad decision.

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