April 6, 2011

Kyle After Dentist

Hey everyone. As you can imagine from the title, I had a little dental work this morning. I go in there expecting the usual: "Hey Kyle, do you floss?", and I respond with "Oh.. uh.. yea.. sometimes" as my gums bleed. A couple scratches with the tiny metal hook here, a scrubbing with the electric thing there, a free toothbrush, and I'm on my way, right?

Well, I'm writing to you with a completely numb mouth, which means my dentist put in a little overtime today. And by overtime I mean that he filled not just one... not two... not THREE... but FOUR cavities in my mouth!

This has to be some kind of record, right? My dental reputation is tainted now. I was squeaky clean up to this point, minus a spot from my younger years, which of course doesn't really count. What's just as bad as getting the procedure done is knowing that my status as an exemplary dental patient is now gone. Getting to pick my own toothbrush color? No more. "Oh, hey, Kyle, just because you were a great patient, again, I'll throw in a couple more travel size toothpastes." No sir.

My whole approach is thrown off. I can't just brush vigorously like three times right before my appointment? That was working for years!

Anyway, some more (and hopefully more insightful?) posts to come.

And hey, it's been a while since we've all seen this video, so why not...

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