April 4, 2011


Earlier today, I posted the following video.

Spoiler alert: it is of a crazy car accident.

Spoiler alert: it's pretty crazy.

I'm not kidding, gang, this is a CRAZY video.

Ok. Suit yourself. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Wasn't that CRAZY?

Happy ending, though, folks: no one got hurt.

Now the reason I'm reposting this is because TPG deleted my original post. Says the man himself:

"Some of my readers have complained about overly raw videos. 

Apologies, sincerely, if I've offended.

That being said:

Calm down.

A. Tim -- it's your blog. You can write whatever the hell you want. Literally. Watch:

Weiners. Weiners, weiners, weiners.


If people are gonna bitch, respectfully, they can go elsewhere for their daily bro-isms and trailer repostings. It's a big The Internet. (We're going to need a bigger The Internet.)

B. Readers -- the internet is a big scary place. It's like that time you accidentally got lost in the back hallways of a Best Buy. It's so big back there! And who ARE all those people?

But seriously, folks. Crazyshit videos are the new currency. We've all seen them, we've all shared them - the entire face of content creation and advertising have been forever altered by their existence. Speaking entirely for myself, I'm of the mind that you haven't really lived unless you've tripped the void, unless you've seen some real crazy shit out there. The kind of stuff you probably shouldn't link to in blog posts that your relatives read. Point is: how can you know your limits if you don't test them?

I don't mean to offend you with the posting of this WILD video that - I'd wager - a good number of you have already seen on at least three other significantly higher-trafficked blogs so far today. We're hyper-connected over-sharers of every single experience and nothing phases us, there are no more phases, we aren't even phased by the lack of phases! We're going to need a bigger phases.

The point is? Lighten up. It's a big dirty world out there, trust me on that. Sorry if you don't like it when crazy unpredictable shit flies directly at the camera-phone while you're driving. I didn't know you had a phobia of that. That's quite a specific kind of phobia, too. Welp. Better upload it to youtube.

Perhaps I gave you too much credit, The Internet.

Welp. Look what you made me do. I explained the joke. Now it's not funny anymore.

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