April 7, 2011

Green Lantern To Be Taken Seriously

What's good everyone? Kosher D here as we continue the This LA Life takeover. I want to just drop some truth bombs about the upcoming WB film GREEN LANTERN. With the release of the new footage, which can be seen above, I'm loading up a fresh batch of coal into the TPG Hype Train.

The footage is so good, I shouldn't even have to write this. After the first trailer, I found myself having to defend it a bit. "Don't worry, it's going to be better." Well, guess what? I WAS RIGHT! But, I shall defend it for those 2% of you who still don't believe me. This movie is going to bring it! I'll be the first to admit that I didn't like Ryan Reynolds being cast (a geek can hold on to the dream of him being The Flash), but after seeing him at Comic Con and this latest footage, I totally buy it. I don't mind that the suit is all CG. It is alien, it is supposed to just appear. Also, it looks like Reynolds' sarcasm is toned down a little and will absolutely work for Hal Jordan.

Sinestro looks incredible. Kilowog jumped off the page. Tomar-Re just helped an Englishman speak. The realistic look of everyone and everything is a true testament to having Geoff Johns on through every step of this process. When you have people that are that deeply invested in the characters and products, you know you're going to get top notch quality. When you don't, well, see FOX and X3, Wolverine, and Fantastic Four. (Dear Fox, Stop Hating Fans.)

The biggest issue with Green Lantern remains, will a major audience go and see a comic book movie that is so engrained with aliens? THE DARK KNIGHT, SPIDER-MAN, X-MEN, and  X2, all have Earth-based characters who come by their powers by either a scientific experiment, a genetic mutation, or Dad's fortune. But I'm telling you, America, World, just trust me. Suspend your disbelief, say the oath, and come to OA with me. Remember, the ring chose you, not the other way around.

Honor Abin-Sur and join the Corps!

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