April 26, 2011

Fast Heist? Future of the Franchise revealed!

In case you didn't know "Fast Five" comes out on Friday and if you're not planning on seeing it this weekend, I hope you have a good excuse. I have been in the driver's seat, flooring the pedals, using the nas speed burst on this movie since the last film in 2009. It looks to match ridiculousness of the last one but then again I'm not even mentioned THE ROCK is going to fight Vin Diesel at one point in this film. Put down your papyrus copy of the script "The King's Speech" and buckle up! Fast Five!

Alright, now that the relentless hyper has died down, I wanted to share this little bit of "Fast" related news. According to a recent article on Deadline, Universal pictures is trying to transition the films from being about street races to being about heists. They want the franchise to more like "The Italian Job," and while this may freak some people out, I'm here to tell you not to worry. The translation of the statement about the "heists" is this:

"heists movie" = more epic action that is now all inclusive to every story imaginable

By freeing the film from solely being about racing now the audience can get Diesel and the gang doing anything and as long as it involves techno music, hot babes, interesting locations, and destruction people will come. Here are some suggestions now that they we are in the fast heist world:

  1. Fart, aka Fast Art - "Exit Through The Gift Shop" meets the "Fast" gang as the Dom and the crew get sucked into the crazy world of underground street art, the target they have to steal is not a car, but every piece of street art (they're stealing buildings y'all).
  2. Fast Face (Book) - When a social network billionare won't give up his fortune, the gang enters his virtual social world to steal his ideas in virtually. It's like "Social Network" meets "Inception" with lots and lots of video game level insanity and car races (of the mario kart variety).
  3. Fast Time - Time travel is cool now and the gang must go back in time to the set of the original Fast & Furious film set and tactfully insert key pieces of intel into the film to preserve the future of the franchise. They'd also be stealing all pieces of intel that would make Diesel make "Chronicles of Riddick"
I'm open to more suggestions. Also don't miss the interview with the screenwriter Chris Morgan

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