March 28, 2011

Super Intense 3D Films? Human Flight? Yes Please

If you get nauseous during the Bourne films you probably should stop reading now. You know the type, things get crazy, the camera doesn't stop moving, people refer to it as "shaky cam." Well, according to the excellent Thompson on Hollywood Blog (phot via them as well) we will soon be getting human flight in 3D.

A partially fictional story, the film focuses on the daredevils who pursue the ultimate anti-Icarus dream: true human flight. The cameras were developing especially for the film, why did they need to be developed, cause they're gonna be moving at 150mph as they plummet to the earth......brahhhhhhh!

While I'm excited for this film, I'm more excited about the potential for the camera in the future. Perhaps this can be used for any future skydiving action flicks. Yes I'm talking about you hypothetical Point Break and Terminal Velocity remakes/reboots/sequels. After all if camera technology allows James Cameron to shoot at the bottom of the ocean, then we gotta have cameras to fall though the clouds....brah!

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