March 29, 2011

Super Hero Fix: Superman, Green Lantern, Dark Knight Rises

Alright comic book movie fans, buckle up I'm about to hit you with so much information you're gonna think I'm a villain. In a span of four days there has been quantum super-nova of information both from Marvel and DC so let's throw on the costumes and kick ass.

The Dark Knight Rises: People are so excited for this film that Nolan has instituted a Bruce Wayne level security system. To read the script, each person needs to be greeted and brought through multiple locked doors, then into the Batcave, I mean, production office. Speaking of the script, it has been printed with no ending, only God, I mean Nolan knows the ending (source).

The Dark Knight Rises After He Has Already Risen: It was announced today by the head of Warner Brothers after Nolan and Bale's run with the caped crusader ends with "The Dark Knight Rises," Nolan will continue to produce the franchise. I'll go on record and say I'd rather have a new director/producer come in and put his vision on the screen. With Nolan producing, that means his vision will probably remain intact  (source)

Justice League: While I'm always been more of an Avengers (2012 son!) fan, there are many people who are fans of the DC super hero Globetrotters.  If you don't know what the Justice League is, check out the photo above. Anyway, there is going to be a Justice League movie in 2013. (source)

Green Lantern: Trailers for "Thor," "X-Men-First Class," and "Captain America" are burning up the internets and theaters but little has been heard about my Dad's favorite super-hero - "Green Lantern." The reason? The special effects in the film, particularly the 3D ones are taking longer to process and delaying the release of the new trailer and the start of the marketing campaign. Don't worry lanterns, you'll be out of the darkest day soon (Source)

Superman: Say what you will about a Brit being cast as Superman, but the supporting cast being put together for this film is looking good. Kevin Costner & Diane Lane play Superman's earthly parents, Michael Shannon is rumored  for the villain, and now Amy Adams is confirmed for Lois Lane. Whether she is singing to birds in "Enchanted" or laying down a Lowell smack down in"The Fighter," I think she's a great fit for the part.

I could hit you with some Marvel news, but I'll wait until something really juicy comes up, in the mean time keep your eyes peeled for the TPG signal in the sky. First person gets a ticket for the TPG500 in the TPG racing league!

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