March 18, 2011

Life The Movie: Tyra Banks Living in a Harvard Dorm

Out of all the places a person could live, no one location got better press last year than the Harvard dorms. Through the lens of "The Social Network," they came across as an ideal breeding ground for billionaires, friendships, and ornate mahogany woodwork. Beers flowed freely, equations written on windows, and human civilization changing forever Now, those dorms just got a dose human anatomy! According to this report, Tyra Banks is currently attending Harvard business school and living in the residence halls! Baaaaayum! In the words of my fellow internet personality Jay Judah---That's hot fire!

Just imagine some business nerds, fresh off winning the DECA High School championship settling into their new dorm at Harvard. They go to introduce themselves to their dorm neighbors, they're expecting a geek, but they get T Banks. Dayum! Heyah we go! Chaos in the dorms. Financial models in upheaval. Super power violent bad mama jama ultra babe next door. It's going to be a wild semester!

The fact that a Sports Illustrated model is living in the Harvard dorms is highly comedic to me. The situation above has to happen in some capacity, right? It's life as zany college comedy. Then again, isn't all life in college a comedy? Go ask DJ Stalemate if you don't know what I'm talking about.

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  1. In 1969, when I was a sophomore, Yale went co-ed. The school admitted women into the freshman class and allowed women to transfer into the sophomore class. At the time, most of the buses in Manhattan had a 20' long billboard of a beautiful, very tan girl in a bikini.
    The model was one of the sophomore transfers and she lived in my college.

    Life went on. The girl became very popular with the senior guys.